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Compiled by Adrija Roychowdhury


A short life An ice installation by Neha Thakar
A short life
An ice installation by Neha Thakar

Archana Jahagirdar on Art
Gujarat-based Neha Thakar works with ice blocks. She either freezes them herself into sculptures or uses ink and chisel to create patterns and explore abstract concepts. This leads to a fascinating phenomenon — as the initial structure melts it decreases in volume, transforms itself, and eventually disappears. Art becomes ephemeral and experiential. The audience participates in her understanding of these icy structures as she installs them in public places. Their experience, along with Thakar’s, is dependent on time. The message seems to be that life is short and leaves behind only traces of memories.

Jahagirdar is the executive director of Gallery Espace, New Delhi


BN Verma on Books
Anthony Cronin’s Samuel BeckettThe Last Modernist is a biographical account of the novelist and playwright. Cronin’s fluent and engaging writing answers several questions about Beckett’s life and personality. His plays had always been an enigma and Cronin’s work comes as an eye-opener, exploring Beckett’s own personality traits buried in his plays. Cronin’s wit and passion carries the reader right into Beckett’s inner life.

Verma is the head of Primus Books, Delhi

‘The engaging writing is an eye-opener about Beckett’s life and enigmatic plays ’


Jazz for the world Luca Mundaca
Jazz for the world
Luca Mundaca

Nikhil Mawkin on Music 

Luca Mundaca is a Brazilian singer/songwriter who has recently made a name in world music for her collection of self-composed Portuguese songs. Her gorgeous voice makes her songs extremely appealing, even to those who have no knowledge of the language. She is also an exceptional guitarist with jazz sensibilities. Some of her famous songs, Ha Dias, Zulmira and Tom Maior, are popular with upcoming bands in India.

Mawkin is the vocalist of Red


Motley crew A still from Noviembre
Motley crew
A still from Noviembre

Soumyajit Majumdar on Film 
Noviembre, a 2003 Spanish film by Achero Mañas, was nominated for nine awards at several film festivals. A group of theatre college dropouts start performing on the streets without charging their audience. Not having prior permission, they get banned by the police. In protest, they hijack a theatre stage and put up a performance about the commodification of arts. The sheer energy of the movie is inspirational and the background score is a big part of its appeal.

Majumdar is a Kolkata-based theatre director


Sanjay Mitra On Food
Favola is an exquisite Italian restaurant at Le Méridien, Pune. The name comes from ‘fable’ and there are pizzas called Pinocchio and Cinderella. The cuisine is personalised to each customer’s palate. Chef Roberto’s speciality, the lasagna, has a homemade rosemary flavour. Each serving is baked individually, right after the order is placed. The Norwegian salmon, poached and stuffed with mashed potatoes, comes out deliciously tender and the fresh soft green salad is served in a crisp Parmesan basket. Their best desserts are the tiramisu and the torta mocolla (mud cake).

Mitra is the executive sous chef, Sheraton Udaipur Palace



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