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Compiled by Priyam Bagga

Stories of yore A work by A Ramachandran

Kavita Nair on Art
A Ramachandran is a contemporary artist whose work has evolved immensely over the years. His earlier canvases were full of grotesque images filled with urban angst. Later, inspired by both tribal art from Rajasthan and murals on Kerala temples, he turned to figures from history and myth. Weaving his own stories around them, he incorporated mythology beautifully into his wide range of work. Some of my personal favourites are oil paintings from the Yayati series that retell stories from the Mahabharata — their bright, complementary colours depicting scenes from the Indian rural landscape.

Nair is a Noida-based artist


Aniesha Brahma on Books
Jean Webster’s 1912 epistolary novel Daddy Long Legs follows the life of Judy Abbott through a series of letters she writes to her guardian. Judy is an orphan in college but is too ashamed to admit that to anyone. We learn about her as she shares her secrets with her guardian. The novel’s conversational tone endears it to adults and children and the mystery of the guardian’s identity keeps them hooked.

‘We learn about Judy as she shares secrets with her mystery guardian’

Brahma is the author of  The Secret Proposal


Bass down low Jerome Isma-Ae

Deepranjan Ghosh on Music
Jerome Isma-Ae is a pioneer of progressive house music. His is an intelligent sound with heavy driving basslines and groovy percussions that pack a lot of energy. Despite his involvement with commercial house music, he has largely stuck to his underground roots. From his native Munich, he has been single-handedly driving the counter-culture electronica scene. His latest offering is Hold That Sucker Down.

Ghosh is a Pune-based DJ


Waking dreams From Pan’s Labyrinth

Ashutosh Matela on Film
Pan’s Labyrinth by Guillermo Del Toro is a political fable in the guise of a fairy tale. This haunting fantasy-drama, set in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War, depicts the strange journeys of an imaginative young girl, who might be the mythical princess of an underground kingdom. Fairy tales and scary movies are meant to console as well as terrify. What distinguishes this particular film is that it balances the fantastical and magical with the knowledge that not everyone lives happily ever after.

Matela is a filmmaker based in Delhi


Nishant Kumar Choubey on Food
A new culinary trend is the emergence of Spanish cuisine. Sevilla, at The Claridges Hotel, is one of the few Delhi restaurants that has adopted and mastered it. Tapas-style dishes with their small portions allow chefs to be versatile in creating and recreating flavours. Lamb chops with olives and chilli tomato make a terrific combination with red wine. An excellent dish is the mariscada with green sauce comprising mixed seafood and lobster. Complementing the food is the decor inspired by the blue seas, azure skies and green landscape of the Mediterranean.

Choubey is the Executive Sous Chef at The Dusit Bird Hotel, Delhi


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