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Big bird Chicken Cafreal by Subodh Kerkar
Big bird Chicken Cafreal by Subodh Kerkar

Compiled by Ramsha Alam

Mukta Wadhwa on Art
Subodh Kerkar’Chicken Cafreal is a truly enjoyable work of contemporary Indian art. The sculpture is a majestic rooster made of truck tyres. It is part of a series that deals with the ocean as a medium of intercontinental cultural diffusion. The series depicts fruits, plants and cuisines that reached the shores of Goa through the ocean. Chicken Cafreal has fine detailing and workmanship, and it exuberates the joy and passion that Kerkar created it with. I also enjoy following the work of calligraphy artist Nikheel Aphale, particularly the whimsical calligraphic forms he creates with pancake batter.

Wadhwa is a Delhi-based painter


Anuradha Bhasin Jamwal on Books
Godse’s Children by Subhash Gatade tracks how Hindutva terror operates. Through the Malegaon, Hyderabad, Ajmer and Samjhauta blasts, it highlights a rise in terror activities and a pattern of denial. It shows a systemic propaganda to pass the buck, disown and kill the foot soldiers, tracing this pattern to Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination.

‘It explores how Hindutva terror works, tracing this pattern to Gandhi’s assassination’

Jamwal is a Kashmir-based writer and journalist


One-man show Antoine Dufour
One-man show Antoine Dufour

Dhruv Visvanath on Music 
Antoine Dufour is a French-Canadian percussive acoustic guitarist who uses the body of a single instrument to fill a room with beats and melodies. His movement along the fretboard and the emotions in his instrumental pieces are intoxicating. It’s hard for one guitarist to make it sound as if there are many instruments surrounding him. I’m hooked to his album Convergences, which is exceptional.

Visvanath is a Delhi-based musician


A world of her own A still from Beasts of the Southern Wild
A world of her own A still from Beasts of the Southern Wild

Shonali Bose on Film 
Benh Zeitlin’Beasts of the Southern Wild is an American fantasy drama about Hushpuppy, a six-year-old girl living with her father in a fictional bayou. It deals with the issue of floods caused by melting ice caps. But it doesn’t hammer the message home bluntly. Instead, it is lyrical and visually stunning. The performances are breathtaking, especially that of Quvenzhané Wallis, who plays the protagonist. The cinematography and Zeitlin’s direction are brilliant.

Bose is the director of AMU


Sahil Makhija On Food
One place that I repeatedly visit is Indigo Cafe in Andheri, Mumbai. I have sampled most of the items on the exhaustive multi-cuisine menu. However, I keep going back to the chargrilled filet mignon done medium rare. This steak is, without fail, cooked to perfection and the meat is melt-in-your-mouth delicious. They get the seasoning just right and you can taste the real flavours of the beef. It’s also served with an entire roasted garlic pod that is to die for. Other standout dishes are their pork ribs served with corn bread and the fresh house salad served with salmon and lobsters.

Makhija stars in the cookery show Headbanger’s Kitchen


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