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Compiled by Neha Lal and Adrija Roychowdhury


art Sensual appeal An untitled work by Avinash Chandra
Art Sensual appeal An untitled work by Avinash Chandra

Nishant on Art
This 1963 untitled work in acrylic, pastel and marker on paper is from the high point of Avinash Chandra’s career in London, marking a shift to a different subject for the India-born artist. The work has been partly drawn on sensual ideas. During this time, Chandra started painting with thin, delicate lines, concentrating on the vast possibilities of representing female anatomy. The investigation of new imagery in familiar forms and a sense of anxiety between figuration and abstraction have been intrinsic to his art. The juxtaposing and arranging of female figures evokes sexual power and ecstatic energy.

Nishant is a researcher with Delhi Art Gallery


Advaita Kala on Books
Amor Towles’ Rules of Civility is set in the jazz clubs and brownstone walk-ups of 1930s New York. A young woman straddles the world of friendship, love and post-suffrage female “being ness” to understand herself. Flirting with sentimentality but never succumbing to it, the book may have you Googling the ambiguously named Towles and wonder, “A man writing like a woman?” Irresistible.

Kala is a writer, most recently of the film Kahaani

‘The book flirts with sentimentality, but never succumbs to it’


music Soul stirrer Jimmy McGriff
Music Soul stirrer Jimmy McGriff

Nilotpal Sinha on Music 
Born in the 1930s, American Jimmy McGriff played soul jazz, blues and hard-bop. He was also the pioneer of a genre called the ‘Rare Groove Music’. It is mainly associated with jazz, electronica and soul. McGriff developed a unique way of playing the Hammond XB-3, an organ synthesiser that increased the traditional church instrument’s capabilities and gave his music its trademark energy.

Sinha is the director of the Delhi-based creative arts organisation, House of Symphony



film Wild mouse chase From The Rat Race
Film Wild mouse chase From The Rat Race

Rintu Thomas on Film 
Miriam Chandy’The Rat Race is the story of hundreds of young men, some even post-graduates, working with the Municipal Corporation. The job requires them to kill 30 rats every night. The lure of a government job brings together an invisible workforce that patrols the streets of Mumbai, vanquishing the pesky rodents. Filmed over two years, Chandy’s storytelling embraces the canvas of the city of Mumbai to tell a moving tale about unemployment, hopes, failures, friendships and unfulfilled dreams.

Thomas is a Delhi-based independent filmmaker


Shashank Aggarwal On Food
The English Bakery in old Manali rests in the more laidback and picturesque part of the town, dotted with cosy cafes and apple orchards. The bakery offers an assortment of fresh breads, sandwiches, tea and cakes that ooze with flavour and aroma. All the ingredients are locally produced, from the honey that comes from the lychee gardens of Dehradun to the flavourful Yak cheese. The millionaire’s bread and honey lemon tea are hot favourites.

Aggarwal is a food blogger and founder of Food Enthusiasts of Delhi and Eatlo



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