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Compiled By Sharanya Deepak

I admire artist Deborah Smith, co-founder of the famous Golden Bridge Pottery in Puducherry. Her love for detail is evident in her perfectly shaped, brilliantly painted pots. Each pot has a handwritten calligraphic label. These are not extravagantly priced and have a distinctive uplifting quality. Something simple like a soup tureen, for instance, is a visual treat. It can make your living room dazzle as it sits beautifully on your sideboard. Available at The Shoppe in Connaught Place, it is art that brings a smile to your face. Whoever thought sipping a cup of coffee could do such magic, artistically.

Schade is a Delhi-based artist


I love reading ghost stories. Recently, I read The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters, and it instantly became one of my favourites. Waters sets her novel in the era after the Second World War and effectively portrays the friction and tension that existed in society back then. The story tracks a family living in an old house in Warwickshire and the presence of an eerie, sinister spirit that is haunting them. Seemingly straightforward, the story gives you a sense of unease that builds up as the novel progresses. It has one of the scariest scenes I have ever read and will definitely send a chill down your spine.

Talwar is a Delhi-based publishing professional


Burma VJ is about the underground journalistic movement in Myanmar. It is shot by a group of Burmese video journalists and tracks protests by monks. The fascinating part is that this film is made from footage captured through cell phones and digital cameras. The footage was then sent to Norway for post-production and editing. It is a fantastic documentary, and it was also nominated for an Academy award. Directed by Lauren Greenfield, Thin deals with anorexia and revolves around the life of four people in a rehabilitation centre in America. A difficult but great watch.

Farooqui is a Delhi-based documentary filmmaker


I’ve been listening to a band from Kolkata called Underground Authority who combine alternative hip-hop elements with metal and have an extremely talented front man. System of a Down (SOAD) is another great band. It has not made a dissatisfactory album till date. Their lyrics are extremely political and intelligent. I grew up in East Africa listening to a lot of African tribal beats. Mory Kante, a vocalist and player of the ‘Kora harp’ makes amazing music. He combines contemporary and tribal beats in a very exciting way. Hip-hop from the 1990s, like the music of Tupac Shakur and Dr Dre is great.

Ray is the Kolkata-based vocalist for the band Cassini’s Division


A place I love to visit in Hyderabad is The Four Seasons at Toli Choki, which has some authentic Hyderabadi food. Their kebab platter is simply delicious. The banana fritters at Dakshin at ITC Kakatiya are also very tasty. Their bar is a drinker’s delight as it has a relaxed atmosphere — a drink I love there is a cocktail made with Hennessey cognac. There is a coffee shop called Road Side also in Hyderabad where my 18-year-old son runs off to escape parental authority. Another coffee shop called Leaf ‘N’ Bean, has great ambience.

Bosco is the owner of Hyderabad-based bakery and patisserie The Ofen


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