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Compiled By Nabilah Ibrahim

I recently saw Manish Nai’sExtramural at Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke in Mumbai. The show captured my mind instantly. I liked the way Nai transformed his digital drawing into paperwork and wallwork. Zhang Huan is a key figure in the flourishing Chinese art scene. His huge Buddhist ash sculptures are as captivating as his other paintings and installations. Nalini Malani is among the few artists who experiment with video installations, theatrical performances and the use of non-traditional materials. I find her work quite fresh and impressive

Joshi is an artist based in Mumbai


Richard Holmes’ The Age of Wonderis about the history of science during the romantic era in 19th century Europe. It is well-written with a lot of anecdotes and personal experiences. I enjoyed The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, about a human struggle for life set in futuristic north America. It is interesting for its dark post-war scenario, with a young girl as the main character. In his Millenniumtrilogy, Stieg Larsson pays pleasant attention to details and etches interesting characters. I also recommend Terry Pratchett’Night Watch, dealing with human dilemmas in a fictional world.

Chandra is a Delhi-based author


Mamoru Hosoda’Summer Wars is an interesting Japanese anime about social networking and people addicted to it. Independent filmmakerAbel Ferrara is also amazing. I admire the way he portrays ethics in his films with a Christian point of view. The performances too are fantastic. I enjoyed watching Jaan-e-mann by Shirish Kunder. It ironically depicts the spectacle that Indian cinema is. The Trial by Orson Wellesis a good attempt to film Kafta’s novel. I found it really close to the original story. Monte Hellman’s Two- Lane Blacktop is a road movie that focusses on the reality of America with a very unusual and conceptual realism.

Murthy is a filmmaker and comicauthor based in Coimbatore


What first sparked my interest in electronic music was the band The Human League back in the 1980s. Along with the Buena Vista Social Club, they have been my inspiration in music. I really enjoy Latin American music with electronic influences. One of my favourite songs is Dirty Doering’s I Would. It was quite inspiring. But real discovery for me is the creative teamB.L.O.T. from Delhi. They harmoniously adjust electronic music with their visuals.

Gardeja is a Delhi-based DJ from Germany


One of my all-time favourite places to eat in Delhi is The Big Chill. I just love the place. It has great food and pleasant ambience. Another place I can’t get enough of is Azzurro. Their rocket-n-cherry tomato thincrust pizza is to-die-for! Cafe Fresco’s in Bengaluru is the best place to have a great breakfast. In Chennai, I recommend The Wharf, a superb restaurantcum- hotel right next to the beach. Its shack-like, wooden design creates a special atmosphere, especially at night, making the place worthy of a visit. The Tasting Room in Mumbai has a great wine bar and also serves excellent food.

Jain is the Delhi-based writer of the blog veggie wiz


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