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Serence Strokes Bratin Khan’s Enlightenment

Tripat Kalra on Art

Recently, we had exhibited the works of DVS Krishna who is an artist based in Hyderabad. His works are slightly large, but very interesting. One of his works was called Gossip and had the faces of a few women who were thoroughly enjoying a gossip session. Another artist I admire is contemporary painter Jehangir Sabavala. Bratin Khan from Kolkata paints beautiful Buddhas. One sculptor who does great work is Subodh Kerker from Goa. His work is also contemporary and he has designed all the sculptures for the Lavasa Township near Pune.

Kalra is the director of Gallery Nvya in Delhi


‘About a white boy growing up in an indian village, moving story’

Amal Mukhopadhyay on Books

I spent the past few years researching my book, so I read a lot on economics and political science. I read Amartya Sen’s On Economic Inequality, Democracy & Development and The Argumentative Indian, more for critical appraisal than pleasure but they are excellent nonetheless. The Glass Palace and The Hungry Tide by Amitav Ghosh were also great reads. I have read almost everything Tagore has written but Gora about a white boy growing up in an Indian village, unaware of his English parentage, is his most moving story.

Air Marshal Amal Kumar Mukhopadhyay is the author of Superpowering India


A still from Head-on

Simon Chambers on Film

One of my favourite films of recent years is called Head-On by Hamburg based filmmaker Fatih Akin. It is the story of an unlikely love affair between a tramp-like loser who has let his life go to seed aer his adored wife died, and a wild young party-going woman, Sybil, who tried to end it all because of the pressures from her oppressively patriarchal Turkish family. Their frustrating and complicated affair leaves a sad but beautiful imprint on their lives. It is also a very sexy film, and manages to do that very difficult thing, of tying in sex with an emotional authenticity.

Chambers is a London-based filmmaker working in Delhi


Jazz duo Rodrigo Y Gabriela

Pearl Sabarwal on Music

BB King is my all-time favourite. The man is in his late 80s and still playing! Toots and the Maytals is a Jamaican reggae band known for their excellent harmonies. George Benson is another great artist. He can’t be defined in a single genre — he does jazz, R&B and soul and is a great guitar scatter. Rodrigo y Gabriela is a great Mexican duo that plays rhythmic, acoustic guitar. I also listen to Steely Dan, Ella Fitzgerald, Carmen McRae, Joe Cocker and Brad Paisley.

Sabarwal is a Delhi-based jazz and blues singer

Lynn Harris on Food

In Bengaluru there is this restaurant called Khazana in Richmond Town — where the food is delicious. We go there almost every Saturday to eat some good Mughlai food. Siddique restaurant on St John’s Road is also a place I recommend. For Chinese food, there is a China Pearl in Koramangala. A place that has been around for really long is Rendezvous, also in Koramangala. It is a perfect place to get a beer and a great continental spread. There is also a place in Mumbai called Hawaiian Shack on Pali Hill, which is an awesome hang out.

Harris is one of the owners of Hole in the Wall Cafe in Bengaluru


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