Masood does it again; supports Naik, blames Sadhvi Prachi

Congress MLA from Uttar Pradesh Imran Masood

Congress MLA from Uttar Pradesh Imran Masood, who attracted controversy during the 2014 Lok Sabha polls by saying that he will ‘chop Narendra Modi into pieces’, has once again sparked the heat by supporting controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik on July 18.

According to reports, Masood, who is also the state vice-president of Congress in UP, said that Naik never supported terrorism and is a victim of witch-hunting by media organisations and various security agencies.

It may be recalled that Masood, who was in Samajwadi Party in 2013, was arrested in 2014 for speaking against Prime Minister Modi in a defamatory manner.

Reports say that Masood instead blamed Sadhvi Prachi for giving hate speeches and inciting communal violence. “If at all he has to be booked then the government should first arrest Sadhvi Prachi for appealing  to make India free of Muslims,” Masood said.

“Have you heard Sadhvi Prachi’s speeches? Don’t they incite people of one community against others? But no action is being taken against her. Even the prime minister is maintaining a studied silence,”Masood added, while batting for Naik.

Masood, who says that he will unite all the secular votes and will campaign for the party extensively, said that the most dangerous phase of our country is right now under the Modi government. “The Congress has to discharge its responsibility and a powerful show by the party in Lucknow yesterday shows that the people are fed up with the NDA and the SP regimes,” he said, while attacking NDA and Samajwadi Party.