Masood Azhar asks Pak to let loose stream of terror against India


maulana masood azharTerrorist and Jaish-e-Muhammad supremo Masood Azhar has asked the Pakistan government to ramp up terror operations against India in a bid to settle K-issue and Indus water dispute once and for all.

Badly wanted by India, Pathankot terror attack mastermind Azhar asked the government to show courage and let loose a reign of jihadist terror against to seize Kashmir without delay, in an article published in Jaish news daily, Al-Qalam.

He appealed to the government, which recently told the military that Pakistan was being isolated internationally due to its “support to terror groups”. As per the news daily, Azhar had urged the government that terror/jihadist policies are good for Pakistan’s health and asked Pakistan to be brave in resolving K-factor and water disputes. Looking at the Kashmir situation, Pakistan should have cancelled the Saarc conference as well as the ceasefire on the LoC , he said.

While this was so, a journalist Cyril Almeida was directed not to leave Pakistan after a report was published of a suspected rift between the government and the military. PM Nawaz Sharif said the action need to be taken against those responsible for publishing the story.

Meanwhile, Jamaat-ud-Dawaah chief Hafiz Saeed has said the US was Pakistan’s number one enemy and Pakistan needed to focus on building ties with India.

“I am not going to react on the comments of a terrorist. The US has told Pakistan many times to act against terrorists and terror groups. We want to see those responsible for Mumbai attack brought to justice,” said State Department spokesperson John Kirby.