Manmohan Singh coal scam case may be pushed to 2018

Photo: PTI
Photo: PTI

The coal scam case, in which former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is allegedly involved, has pushed back to a later date by the Supreme Court . The case is unlikely to be reviewed in the next three years, giving Singh some much wanted respite. The judges have not announced a date on which the case will be heard, as usually happens in cases like this.

According to a report, after Manmohan Singh submitted the appeal on the 1st of April, the bench admitted it and said that the “law and constitutional validity” of the provision of the Prevention of Corruption Act raised required examination. When this happens, the court shelves the case for later time, without a specific date assigned.

Currently, there stands a long queue of cases that are being fast tracked. Despite this and the seriousness with which the court is treating these cases, Manmohan’s case may not be reviews until 2018.

The Coalgate scandal of 2012 was a major scandal in which public sector entities and private companies were unethically awarded coal blocks. The charges laid against the accused include criminal conspiracy, corruption and breach of trust, under sections 120B, 409 of the IPC and the Prevention of Corruption Act respectively. The maximum penalty for such crimes is life imprisonment.

In response to the charges, Mr Singh had said that “the truth will prevail” and that “this is a part of life.”


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