Maggi will be taken off Indian shelves, says Nestle CEO


Global CEO of Nestle Paul Bulcke

Addressing the controversy surrounding Maggi noodles, Global CEO of Nestle, Paul Bulcke announced that the product will be taken off Indian shelves. “We have been in India for over 100 years, we are a part of India. I am confident Maggi Noodles will be back very soon,” said Bulcke.

 Talking to journalists, the CEO brushed away the concerns about the presence of excessive amounts of lead and monosodium gultamate (MSG), a flavour enhancer, in Maggi. “We have been carrying tests on Maggi noodles on multiple batches. All results that came out indicate that Maggi noodles are safe for consumption,” he said.

Clearing the air about the product failing to meet laboratory standards, Bulcke said that Nestle uses the same safety and testing standards across the globe. “Our products are extensively tested. None of our tests show lead…that is the confusion. We are talking to authorities to clear that,” he said Nestle also denied sharing any test results formally.

 Announcing corrective measures, the company said besides pulling off the product from the shelves, it would also remove the ‘No MSG’ label from its products. Maggi has been banned in several states across India after a raid conducted by a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officer in Uttar Pradesh revealed the use of more than permissible levels of lead and MSG in the noodles.


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