Maggi noodles are back again!


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Maggi noodles have made a comeback in retail outlets on 9 November days after Nestle India declared that the newly manufactured Maggi noodles have been found safe in all the government laboratories. Releasing a statement in this connection, Nestle India said, “Two-minute Maggi noodles are now back. Delighted to hand over Maggi to consumers.”

The company is all set to manufacture Maggi noodles at three of its plants. The company, on 9 November, pointed out that it discussed directions with the authorities to begin manufacturing of Maggi at Tahliwal and Pantnagar. The company has resumed manufacturing at Nanjangud (Karnataka), Moga (Punjab) and Bicholim (Goa).

Meanwhile, the company stated Maggi noodles have been sold out on Snapdeal. The popular brand was being sold at Rs 144 for 12 packs (70 gm). Nestle India has partnered with Snapdeal for online sales.

Nestle India has started making Masala version of the noodles brand available. The company has said Maggi noodles will not be sold in eight states that have banned its sale.

“Most states do not have a ban on sale of Maggi noodles. For states where specific directions are required, we are engaging with them,” said a company statement.

The stock was under strain June this year after samples of Maggi noodles were found to contain seven times the permissible lead levels. On June 4, authorities in Uttarakhand banned the manufacture, storage, distribution and sale of Maggie noodles for 90 days.

Following this, Food Standards Safety Authority of India (FSSAI) ordered Nestle to recall all Maggi variants from the market. The company reported a 60% drop in September quarter net profit at Rs 124.20 crore for the quarter down from Rs 311.30 crore.



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