Luv ka the beginning


The Plot
Rajjo, Chaudhary and Liquid are three boys living together in Delhi, working well-paying jobs, partying and seeking girlfriends. As real as it gets. Then they fall in love with three girls. The movie is all about how they fall out of love.

By Mona J

Luv Ranjan
Kartikeya Tiwari, Rayo Bhakhirta, Divyendu Sharma, Sonali Sehgal, Nushrat Barucha, Ishita Sharma

Pyaar Ka Punchnama+8 To Divyendu Sharma for his role as Liquid, the angry Tourette’s syndrome-afflicted geek. Great lines. Great delivery.

+3 For the threesome’s home because bachelor pads are that messy. Plus two for the local wit. Plus one for Facebook.

+10 For excellent choices in the karaoke competition. Minus two for including Sexy Bitch in the line-up. Which karaoke machine has a song with two lines of lyrics?

+5 For the girl-who-picks-up-boy-but-notreally- pick-up scene. Good wingmanship.

+10 For the shirtless Chaudhary (Rayo Bhakhirta) and his naked birthday song. Keep that shirt off, darling.

+5 Because this is Delhi fiction. Delhi girls are good until they shift stance making you scream “Dump her!”

+5 For the boys’ studied ironic homoeroticism, calling each other girls’ names and talking about one another’s ‘dagmagata imaan!’

+2 For Rajat calling girlfriend ‘babu’, the perfect relationshippy nickname and using it consistently throughout. Works wonderfully in the pitch-perfect fight between guilt-controlled Rajat (Kartikeya Tiwari) and his passive aggressive girlfriend.

+10 For self-denigrating male bashing by the boys! Followed by confusion on how to deal with their ‘love’ and relationships.

-10For the post-interval Goa slowdown. Plus five for recovering from the slump. Oooh lovely, the boys have balls! They get angry!

-7 For going into tragicomedy mode. OMG, you killed the funny. You bastards!

+3For keeping the confrontation scene among the boys short and unresolved.

+5 For the silent finale.With the bucket, the slap and the maa ki aankh we’re back in the game!


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