Look who is saving Bihar

Comic reality Creators Abhijeet Kini (left) and Adhiraj Singh (right) with their creation UBiMa
Comic reality Creators Abhijeet Kini (left) and Adhiraj Singh (right) with their creation UBiMa
Illustration: Abhijeet Kini

Discover the Bhojpuri film-inspired superhero, UBiMa, who easily upstages Superman

By Sunaina Kumar

IF EVER there was a cultural meme to beat Superman’s “It’s a bird, it’s a plane…”, it would be Uud Bilaw Manus, Bihar’s own saviour, with, “Chillao mat, hum jahaan hi khada hoon.” Comic superhero UBiMa is half-otter, half-man, and he is on a mission to save Bihar from the likes of Babu Ghadyal (a watch-wearing alligator) and his arch enemy Kan Khajura (bug-like creature).

Photo:MS Gopal

If all this sounds like a plot of a B-grade Bollywood or Bhojpuri movie, it is meant to be so, for UBiMa is an unabashed tribute to the cheesiest movies with the worst dialogues. UBiMa has been created by 22-year-old Delhi boy Adhiraj Singh and his illustrator partner from Mumbai, Abhijeet Kini. The dialogues are in “bad English liberally peppered with Bhojpuri,” says Singh and dubs it “fauxpuri”. The inspiration: “More Pran the villain than Pran the cartoonist.” We dig the villain’s aids who are aptly called Kiraye Ke Tattu, with For Hire meters on their shoulders. Published by Pop Culture Publishing, Uud Bilaw Manus is available online.

Sunaina Kumar is a Special Correspondent with Tehelka.


Love sounds Dr Vithal Prabhu
Love sounds Dr Vithal Prabhu
Photos: Ms Gopal

A Marathi Kinsey report

Here is the outspoken author of a Marathi sex education book that’s sold over 85,000 copies

By Aastha Atray Banan

DR VITHAL Prabhu, a sexologist, has spent the last three decades valiantly explaining the physiological nature of sex. The 82-year-old has written 15 titles on sex. His Marathi sex education book Niraamay Kamjeevan (Healthy Sex Life) has remained largely unchanged into its 29th edition and has sold 85,000 copies since its release in 1982. It’s hard to believe that publishers initially refused his book. “They thought it was an obscene book about how a man can derive pleasure from a woman,” says Prabhu. The book, which was recently translated into Konkani and retails for Rs 100, discusses everything from the dangers of pre-marital sex to tips on how to maintain a healthy sex life. Information about STDs has been updated over the years. It’s usually bought by married couples or those just about to tie the knot. Dr Prabhu strongly feels that parents should educate their children about sex. “In India, mothers are supposed to inform a child about sex. I realised I had to write when I heard a story about a girl who committed suicide on her wedding night because she couldn’t understand penetrative sex”.

Aastha Atray Banan is a Senior Correspondent, Mumbai with Tehelka.


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