Live: Sonia pushes for Food Security


Sonia Gandhi: Food Security Scheme to ensure that poor people are not hungry and malnutrioned

Sonia Gandhi: Pregnant and young women will benefit from Food Security Scheme

Food Security Scheme launched in Delhi and Haryana

Sonia Gandhi: About 80 crore people will benefit from Food Security Scheme

Sonia Gandhi launches food security programme in Delhi

02:40 Rajya Sabha adjourned for the day after uproar over missing coal scam files

02:10 Lok Sabha adjourned for the day after uproar over coalgate and Telangana issues

12:10 Amid uproar Lok Sabha adjourned till 1 pm

11:45 Lok Sabha adjourned till noon after BJP uproar over missing files of Coal ministry

11:30 Rajya Sabha adjourned till noon after chaos over missing coal scam files, BJP wants PM’s statement

11:15 Rajya Sabha adjourned for 10 minutes following chaos over missing coal scam files

11:15 Lok Sabha adjourned till 11:30 am after introduction of various bills

10:30 UPA determined to pass the Food Bill on 20 August, Rajiv Gandhi’s birth anniversary. Earlier Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath said it would accept all “workable” amendments to the bill

The Food Security Bill, expected to be a game-changer for the ruling Congress ahead of five assembly polls this year-end and the 2014 general elections, aims to provide subsidised foodgrain at prices much below the market rate to around 67 percent of India’s 1.2 billion people; the bill would thus benefit about 800 million people

Political Reactions to Food Bill

Mayawati says she supports Food Bill but wants debate

SP decides to support Food Bill, but seeks few amendments

Manish Tewari – There comes a time when people need to rise above party and politics



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