[LIVE Blog] CRR cut will inject Rs 18,000 crore into the banking system


11:37 am – Banks should be discerning in giving out loans says #RBI Governor

11:31 am – Bankers certain that both public and private sector banks will cut interest rates which will in turn bring down your EMIs #rbi

11:30 am – Harsh Mariwala to Tehelka:  The rate cut is too minor for it to spur consumption activity in the economy

11:29 am – Market analysis on #RBI – a small rate cut is better than none at all

11:29 am – This is the first rate cut by #RBI in nine months

11:26 am – CRR cut will inject Rs 18,000 crore into the banking system – #RBIGovernor

11:24 am – #RBI Governor suggests it would be foolhardy to expect rate cuts ahead but C Rangarajan on a tv channel seems to feel this is a trend

11:22 am – What does the #RBI move mean for you? A possible cut in interest rates on auto and home loans

11:21 am – Banking stocks are rolling strong as #RBI Governor laid out the outlook for the economy

11:20 am – India’s economic activity is sub-par / Investment is the biggest need of the hour / Infra gaps cannot be bridged without fresh capital #RBI

11:20 am – CRR cut will infuse Rs 18,000 crore into the system: RBI. — PTI

11:19 am – #RBI says there remains risk aversion in the banking system due to concerns around asset quality for which loans are given

11: 17 am – #RBI‘s strong signal to corporate India: If growth must revive, so much investment

11:17 am – #RBI Bottomline: A cut in repo rate & cash reserve ratio should force your banks to cut interest rates on home, auto & other loans#IMPACT

11:16 am – Widening of current account deficit to historically high levels exposes India to different risks #RBI Governor

11:15 am – RBI has cut CRR by 0.25% / Cash reserve Ratio (CRR) is the amount of funds that the banks have to keep with the #RBI

11:14 am – Not surprised that the #RBI‘s immediate and key concern remains around the sharp and volatile prices of food items in India

11:13 am – #RBI Governor promises to act in line with steps needed to fix India’s fiscal deficit

11:12 am – #RBI Governor D. Subbarao: Today’s policy action in view to encouraged investment s & supporting growth.

11:12 am – The rate at which the RBI lends money to commercial banks is called repo rate. Today #RBI has cut that rate by 25 bps or quarter per cent

11:11 am – Overall global economic prospects have improved significantly since October 2012 #RBI Governor

11:09 am – #RBI Governor’s strong signal to India Inc – please get the investments going again

11:09 am – Hope investment will be encouraged by the #RBI rate cut says Governor

11:08 am – Inflation to remain rangebound around current levels of 7% says #RBI

11:07 am – RBI Governor says the policy action to cut rate is an attempt to spur growth

11:06 am – Investment has been below desired levels in Indian economy and there is a drop in consumption activity too #RBI says

11:06 am – #RBI cuts #inflation target to 6.8% for March versus 7.5%

11:05 am – #RBI‘s cut of 25 bps of CRR takes it to 4%

11:03 am – RBI rate cut impact: Cut in CRR & Repo together is a signal to urge bank to cut interest rates on loans that you have #rbi

11:01 am – BREAKING NEWS: RBI cuts repo rate by 25 bps and CRR also cut by 25 bps / IMPACT: this will force banks to cut your interest rates

11 am – BREAKING NEWS: #RBI cuts repo rate by 25 bps and CRR also cut by 25 bps

10:59 am – Markets do not see a trend of rate cuts even if RBI cuts rates today

10:54 am: Stock markets are convinced that RBI will not cut interest rates by any more than 25 bps.

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  1. Rate cuts is the worst thing people would have wanted at this time. No institution in India can be trusted. Present rate cuts will only lead to consumption related loan rate cuts. Their will be no true investment in formation of capital assets. Housing is the only activity that will get boosted. Builders/financiers have modus operandi of hoarding housing supply and releasing it in such periods of high demand at inflated prices – housing supply is limited by availability of land and the supply curve is almost vertical, thus any increase in demand leads to automatic inflation of prices, and RBI is helping these unscrupulous builders/financiers. Loan rate cuts leading to increase housing demand is a clear signal for high inflation periods. Moreover what is the need for boosting growth anyways, government has been trying to boost growth for last five years with no success, now RBI has started this non-sense. People, at present times, don’t need any growth, they need basic necessities at affordable prices, which can be ensured only by keeping the inflation low and justly distributing the available economic goods. RBI is playing fraud upon the inspiration of people. RBI governor needs to be taken immediately into protective custody.


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