Learning Curve

Stya Paul
Stya Paul
Age: 90
Profession: Educationist and entrepreneur
Working spur: A stickler for punctuality, he seldom misses a day at work, even when ill Photo: Tarun Sehrawat

STYA PAUL’S story illustrates the intellect’s ability to trounce physical limitations. Though polio left him paralysed as a toddler, he never let his body hamper his ambition. The eldest of seven siblings and always a stellar student, he took on the running of the family business after his father’s death, and along with his brothers, developed the Apeejay Group into one of India’s leading industrial conglomerates. Despite being a gold medallist, he lost the opportunity to become a lecturer due to his physical disability – and went on to establish schools and colleges. Perhaps his energy stems from his abstemious lifestyle: he eats only vegetarian food, avoids grease, onions and garlic and has never smoked or thrown back a peg.


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