Law amended, life term for offenders of cow slaughter in Gujarat


cowFor the first time in the country, the Gujarat Assembly on March 31 has set up life term for cow slaughter for offenders under the Gujarat Preservation (Amendment) Bill.

Not only this, penalty for the offense under the amended law has doubled from Rs 50,0000.

This sentence will be awarded to those involved in cow slaughter and sale of beef or beef products in Gujarat. Before the law was amended, the maximum sentence for the same offence was seven years.

Under the Gujarat Animal Preservation Act of 1954, offenders could be punished up to 10 years in jail for transporting cows. The authorities said that the vehicles seized by the government shall stand forfeited to it for use in any manner they wish.

It may be noted when the state was ruled by then Chief Minister (now PM) Narendra Modi, cow slaughter and other offences were completely banned in the state.

This decision has been taken ahead of the assembly elections in the state in which the BJP aims to garner at least 150 seats. It has become a sort of a prestige issue for the party which has once lost in the assembly polls since 1995.

BJP President Amit Shah has rejuvenated the party cadre in the state and directed that the party should not lose at the hustings. And now Gujarat has the most rigorous of laws against cow slaughter.

This is not all, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani frequently spoke of the need for harsher laws for cow slaughter. Recently, he said, “The party is committed to protect Gau (cow), Ganga and Gita.”