Land Acquisition Ordinance : BJP firm on Bill in present format


national executive- 1

If the BJP has its way , The land acquisition ordinance lapsing on 5th April may be re-promulgated in the same format by 4th april. The BJP seems to be firm that it may not include the two clauses which had been deleted from the earlier UPA format. The National Executive and the Offie bearers meeting presently on in Bengaluru deliberated on the topic which has become a big challenge for the central government and the BJP. Party spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain said,”We are discussing the matter and we will be able to convey it to the masses that the BJP is not anti-poor”.

 Clearly the issue which is seeing the congress party galvanize its resources against the union government is a major challenge for the BJP . On the opening day, the office bearers of the BJP discussed the fall out of the Land Acquisition ordinance . Many state units, not convinced with the dropping of the contentious clauses of consent of farmers before a tract of land is acquired or the social impact clause.

 Sources tell TEHELKA that the President of the BJP Amit Shah elicited opinion from several functionaries and states representatives on their assessment. It is also gathered that at end of the National executive a roadmap for convincing the masses on the benefits of the land acquisition ordnance in its present format will be worked out. It is believed that the state units have been given specific tasks of reaching out to rural and semi-urban areas before the Parliament reconvenes in end April. Special teams of party workers will fan out in the coming days to build opinion with farmers’ bodies and in villages is one of the strategies being proposed.

 TEHELKA also learns that in states where the BJP has allies, an effort will be made to convince the allies, ex-allies like the DMK to be able to highlight the benefits of the bill. A senior party functionary told TEHELKA that the game plan is to isolate the congress party on land acquisition ordinance. With the DMK coming around , and some more parties likely to follow suit the task now looks simpler for the BJP to be able to convene a joint session of the Parliament and ensure its passage to a Bill.


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