Lalit Modi row: P Chidambaram rubbishes Sushma’s emotional defence of Lalit Modi




Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram has  questioned External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj over her statement in the Lok Sabha that she did not help Lalit Modi get travel documents and said that the truth should come out about the three versions of her “intervention” in the matter.

“There are three versions of the ‘intervention’ by Swaraj. We would like to know who is speaking the truth? British High Commissioner (James) Bevan or British MP Kieth Vaz or Minister Sushma Swaraj?” he said. Chidambaram made the remarks in reaction to Swaraj’s emotional statement in the Lok Sabha , saying that she had not helped Modi but his cancer-stricken wife.

While Sushma in Parliament justified her move of helping Modi on humanitarian grounds and questioned if Congress President Sonia Gandhi would not have helped an ailing woman, Chidambaram shot back at her saying that had he been in her place, he would have advised Lalit Modi to apply to Indian High Commission for temporary Indian travel documents. “Would not have left #LalitModi’s wife to die. Would have advised him to apply to Indian High Commission for a temp INDIAN travel document Who is speaking the truth? British High Commissioner Bevan or Keith Vaz MP or Minister Sushma Swaraj?,” he tweeted.

Sushma in Lok Sabha had said the allegations against her were baseless and unfound. “Whatever I did (to help Modi get his travel visa) was done on humanitarian grounds as his wife has cancer and the hospital where she is undergoing treatment said that Modi’s presence was important. What I did was help an Indian woman. I want to ask the Opposition, did I commit a crime? If I did, I am ready to face the consequences,” Sushma had said.


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