KSDC announces ‘Quit Kuki Land’ protest in Manipur from 24 January

A file photo of Kuki women protesting for a separate district in September last year

Imphal: Alleging that the Indian Union has betrayed the goodwill of Kuki people of Manipur by deliberately sidelining the political dialogue for Kuki self determination in favour of carving a Pan Naga Council to NSCN (IM), the Kuki State Demand Committee (KSDC) on Monday 21 January announced to launch ‘Quit Kuki Land’ and other forms of demonstrations from the evening of 24 January. “Decrying the hurt caused to the trust of the Kuki people, we will be starting the Quit Kuki Land protest. We will also boycott the Republic day celebrations and burn the Indian national flag,” said KSDC President Henjang Haokip.

At a briefing in Churachanpur HQ, Haokip cautioned local Indian authorities to withdraw from Kuki territory or face serious consequences arising out of the failure to comply. “We strongly advised the local Indian authority and agents to go away from the Kuki areas and all consequences arising from non compliance will be held their own doing,” warned Haokip.

The KSDC is also seeking support from all the Kuki militant groups and the people to stand with it. “We appeal all the Kuki UG groups and other concerned civil bodies to stand behind the KSDC and work towards getting the Kuki rights for self determination,” reiterated the KSDC Spokesperson K Khongsai.

As a fall out the denial of the Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Sindhe to meet Kuki delegates, the KSDC has also resolved to sever all ties with the Government. Haokip went on to claim that the Kuki people are not necessarily subjected to recognition by the Indian Government.

Taking strong note of the negligence and discard by Union Home Minister for the welfare of Kuki people, Haokip also announced to commence an immediate plebiscite among the Kuki people to garner support for self determination of Kuki within or outside the Indian constitution. “We (the Kuki people) have a unique customary land holding laws which ensure that all the people get equal share and benefit from the land. But we have been pushed to dejection by the State Government that is trying to encroach these lands,” Khongsai said.

Meanwhile, the KSDC has also reiterated that none of claimed Kuki traditional land will be compromised for the settlement of the Indo-Naga peace deal or the creation of the Pan Naga Council. KSDC remarked that the Government needs to assure safeguarding of Kuki land as NSCN (IM) continues to claim a large portion of Kuki tradition land.


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