Online sex racket head among 18 held by Kerala cops



Kerala Police, on 18 November, arrested eight people, including Rahul Pashupalan of Kiss of Love’ online campaign and his wife,  Rashmi R Nair, according to Zee News. Seven others were also arrested along with Pashupalan. The Cyber Cell of Kerala Police made the arrests after it allegedly discovered an online paedophelia racket, while investigating a Facebook paedophelia page called ‘Kochu Sundarikal’.

Police also found pictures of girls had been posted on the page by the seven persons, who were arrested along with Pashupalan. The police said Pashupalan and Rashmi, who is a model,  were allegedly helping a gang that supplied children to paedophiles, said Zee News.

Among those arrested, was a gangster named Akbar, a native of Kasaragod.

It may be noted that the ‘Kiss of Love’ campaign had raised a strong voice against moral policing.

The movement had started gaining attention after a mob of attackers demolished a coffee shop in North Kerala’s Kozhikode city on the grounds of criticising alleged ‘immoral activity’ of public display of affection by some couples.

It then spread to several metropolitan cities, and towns across the country.


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