family members mourn killing of two Dalit children
family members mourn killing of two Dalit children

Ever since the Hindutva forces came to power at the Centre and in some states the religious and caste based killing spree is spreading like virus. The upper caste—Rajput—forces in Haryana burnt two dalit kids of ages 3 years and 8 months by name Vaibhav and Divya in A village called Sunped in Ballabhagarh district. Their mother is struggling for life in a Delhi based hospital and their father escaped with several injuries. One of the Central minister called V.K. Singh says that “does the Governments –Central and State become responsible—if a stone hits a dog and it dies”. Earlier another Government minister, Mahesh Sharma terms the brutal killing of a Muslim man in Dadri with a pretext of having beef in his house as ‘accident’. The Haryana Chief minister, so far, has not visited the family members struggling for life in the hospital.

 Why such killing of progressive writers, (Kalburgi and so on) banning food from people’s plates, killing Dalit and Muslim children and men have become so common during the Bharatiya Janatha Party regime? The answer is simple. The BJP and the Sangh Parivar work only for the upper castes and the Hindu rich. Whatever they say about development, talk about poor, their real agenda is oppressing the Dalits and Adivasis and suppressing the Muslims and Christians. Whatever, could have been the language of the Prime Minister from that positions all signals are that this Government stands for the rich and upper castes.

 The RSS Chief in his Vijayadashmi address from Nagpur did not say anything about abolishing untouchability, caste oppressive culture. Though they appear to accepting Ambedkar as their icon and trying to build some memorials for him their cultural ethos is anti-Dalit. Why did not the RSS chief go and visit the Sunped Dalit family? Why did not the Home Minister visit that family members? Even if we assume that they have a pathological opposition to Muslims but want to accommodate Dalits and Adivasis in the Hindu fold the Haryana incident gave them an opportunity to give a call to fight upper casteism. Did the RSS organize a single procession or dharna against this kind caste brutalism? How many of their khakhi clad lathi wielding shakhawalas came into the streets to fight against such upper castes in defense of the victimized Dalits? They are claiming that they millions of members and after the BJP came to power they say their membership has gone up several fold. But whom are they helping? Are they helping the killers? Or are they helping the killed and the traumatized? There is no point if their shakhas go to help people only when they face a natural calamity. In what way they are different from the Red-Cross that helps people in such situations?

 They seriously seem to think that the nation belongs only to the upper caste Hindus. Their Hindu religion should be of the rich and upper castes, saints and sanyasis. But for them the Dalits and Adivasis should be voting Hindus. Even their understanding of nationalism is so flawed that they think that the lower castes and Muslims are worse than cows, bulls and bullocks. When they have gone to the extent to say that their Vedas allowed them to kill humans who kill animals like cow, bull and bullock one can understand that the Dalits, Adivasis and Muslims who occasionally kill these animal for their food could be legitimately killed. For them the Indian constitution is a scrap book that could be rubbished any time. If this is the core culture of their organization, how does it matter whatever kind of monuments they build for Ambedkar?

 The core philosophy of Ambedkar is safety of the life, limb and dignity of Dalits and other oppressed masses of India. Their equality in every sphere of life is very important. If this is not guaranteed in the rule of a party that owes its allegiance to Hindu religion then the direction is clear. What one says is not very important but what one does is very important.

 Narendra Modi has promised the nation development and social justice. In fact in one of his public meetings in Kerala he said that ‘’this is a decade of Dalits and OBCs”. But no minister in his Government seems to respect the promises he made to people. In such a situation he should only drop ministers who do not care his promises and the life and dignity of poor. He seems to be not in a position to do that also. If both BJP and RSS have any respect for Dalits V.K.Singh would be asked to resign for comparing Dalits with dogs. He should be arrested under the SC/ST atrocities Act.

 They would have, at least asked the Home Minister of Haryana to quit. Unfortunately all their spokes persons are defending such ministers and pretending to sympathize with Dalts, who got killed. This is absurdity.


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