Killers Of Justice


truth_killerApril 29, 1999. Time: 2am. Venue: Tamarind Court, a restaurant in the capital. The events of that night are only too well known. They have been recounted over and over again. Siddharth Vashisht alias Manu Sharma, son of Haryana politician Venod Sharma walked into the bar and demanded a drink. Jessica Lall and upcoming model Shayan Munshi were at the bar. So was restaurant owner Bina Ramani’s daughter Malini who told Manu and his friends that the bar had closed.

Not used to hearing a no, the politician’s son offered to pay a thousand rupees for a drink. When he still didn’t get one, he whisked out a .22 pistol from his pocket, shot once into the air and then fired the next shot straight at Jessica’s head.

In a matter of seconds, a young life had been snuffed out. Ask Dr Alok Chopra, who attended to her at Aashlok Hospital, 15 minutes after the shoot-out, and he will tell you this: “Jessica’s lungs were full of blood, her blood pressure had crashed, her brain was smashed like a mangled piece of tissue”. Why was the model killed? Only because the politician’s son had been refused a glass of whisky.

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‘My Uncle Spent About Rs 80,000 On His Medical Bills. Where Did He Get The Money From?’

Tamarind Court manager says uncle Karan Rajput took money

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img_sml‘Jessica Was Lying There, And Out Walked Manu Sharma, Shayan Was Saying, He Shot, He Shot…’

Bina Ramani narrates how it all happened on the night that Manu Sharma shot Jessica Lall at the Tamarind Court bar

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sdf‘Their Political Clout Is So Big… They Can’t Touch Them’

Tehelka approached Munshi claiming to be a UK-based film company finalising its cast for a bilingual film. Munshi went the extra mile to prove his proficiency in Hindi

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sd‘He Felt Bad, But Got So Used To The Money’

Karan Rajput’s drinking buddy reveals how he accompanied him to Okhla where Sharma’s manager would pay him money

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asd‘The Sharmas Were Buying People Off’

Jessica’s sister reveals that eyewitness Karan Rajput was in touch with her and told her he was taking money from the Sharmas

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zxc-(1)‘My First Statement Was The Truth, So Was Everyone’s’

Harinder Baweja poses as Sabrina Lall to get the Tamarind Court electrician to speak about his retraction

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d-(1)‘Karan Rajput Got Rs 20 Lakh From Sharma’

Eyewitness Rajput’s friend Rajbir recounts the trips he made with with him to collect money

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Tehelka Reveals The Truth Behind The Jessica Lall Murder Investigation Cover-Ups In A 60 Minute Star News’ Expose “Case Ke Kaatil” Aired At 9.00 Pm, September 26th, 2006

Below is a translation from Hindi to English of the “Case Ke Kaatil” script.

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