Kejriwal suspends protest after producing ‘evidence’


The activist-turned politician now plans to move to Khurshid’s constituency Farrukhabad and launch an agitation against him in villages

Prakhar Jain 
New Delhi

Photo: Dijeshwar Singh

After rubbishing the photographic evidence produced by Union law minister Salman Khurshid and his wife Louise Khurshid in support of their NGO Zakir Hussain Memorial Trust, Arvind Kejriwal on Monday 15 October presented Pankaj Kumar from Mainpuri district, who said he did not receive any aid from the Trust despite his name being listed as a beneficiary for a camp held in May 2011. Later in the afternoon, Kejriwal abruptly announced the suspension of their ‘indefinite protest’ saying that they’ll continue it in Khurshid’s Parliamentary constituency Farrukhabad by taking the issue to every village there.

Kejriwal has also announced that he will make the next big exposé about a senior politician on 17 October, and will continue demanding an investigation against Robert Vadra by organising a rally on 30 October in Manesar. “We will continue our agitation against the rise in electricity prices too by protesting in front of Sheila Dikshit’s house in the first week of November,” Manish Sisodiya, an aide of Kejriwal, said.

Earlier in the day, Pankaj Kumar, who was shown as having received a hearing aid on a camp organised on 27 May 2011 by Khurshid, announced that he has got no hearing problem. “I have got an injury in one of my legs, but I haven’t received any aid from the Trust,” Kumar said. His testimony further complicates the allegations made about misappropriation of funds by the Trust, as until now they were only about the organisation of camps and utilisation of grants received in the year 2009-10. Kumar’s statement would mean that the scope of investigation, which has already been ordered by Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav, would have to be much wider so as to verify his claims.

Vivek Yadav, a social activist from Chetna group in Mainpuri, who started investigating the camps organised by Khurshid’s Trust after watching TV reports, also raised questions about the whereabouts of the beneficiaries. “We couldn’t find Santosh Kumari and Shashi Mohan, who were shown in the list to have received tricycles,” he said. He also claimed to have found a person named Dayawan, who was shown to have received a tricycle, but was instead treated for his eye problem by the Trust.

Speaking to TEHELKA, Kejriwal said, “Nothing happened in year 2009-10. This (the evidence presented Monday) proves that the camps held in 2011 were also fake.” Stating that there is no need for a further investigation he said, “What is the need for a second investigation when the state government has already conducted one?”

Prakhar Jain is a Correspondent with Tehelka.


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