Kejriwal likens Modi to Queen Elizabeth, Jung to British viceroy

Photo: Arun Sehrawat
Photo: Arun Sehrawat

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on 22 May accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of trying to rule Delhi— by proxy — through Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung.

‘Reacting to a MHA notification issued this morning, backing the LG on transfer postings of bureaucrats, the Delhi CM said the Central government wanted to place its own people in Delhi.

“The transfer-posting industry is worth crores of rupees. In the three months that we have been in power, we have closed down this industry. I have met so many people from the Centre on so many occasions. The LG has never inquired about the state of water and power supply, but keeps asking for transfer and postings to be put in his charge. There is something very fishy about this,” Kejriwal said.

Likening the PM to the Queen of England when India was under colonial rule, Kejriwal said, “The real power centre was the Queen, like the PM is. The LG is like a viceroy, only a face. I do not have jung with the LG, but we are fighting corruption. The Narendra Modi government is very worried about it. It has started creating hurdles for the Delhi government.”

“It looks like the Centre is telling us to turn away if we find a central government employee indulging in corruption,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Congress said that the Delhi CM and the LG were responsible for the “mess” in Delhi. , Stating that they both have “crossed their limits”, a party spokesperson said the duo was “not following set rules of governance”.

“Governance is a delicate issue. But unfortunately, Jung and Kejriwal who themselves come from a bureaucratic background were not following the set procedure of governance washing dirty linen in public,” Congress MP PL Punia said.


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