‘Kejriwal had a brilliant chance in Delhi, but I think he screwed it up’

Suhaas Avate | 29 MNC Executive, Bengaluru
Suhaas Avate | 29 | MNC Executive, Bengaluru

We need a strong government that can deliver. I think there has been a shift in the mindset of the youth. We are more aware and talking and debating more about politics. We realise the importance of our vote and the need to be politically aware. The youth are looking for economic growth, a better lifestyle, better infrastructure and better education.

I know that no one has a magic wand to change everything overnight but we need someone who can give us hope. We need to have pro-poor policies but not ones such as MGNREGA and Food Security Bill, which come at the cost of breaking down our economy. I feel that the Congress is only looking at appeasing certain sections of society, keeping their votes in mind, but what we need is holistic development and a little bit more patriotism.

So, keeping that in mind, I would choose Narendra Modi to lead the country. Not because I think he is the best person for the job, but he is the best among the lot. At the same time, there is a fear that the BJP could lose its focus and go against the minorities, which is not good. There are certain forces within the party, the right-wing forces, but a strong leader like Vajpayee could control those forces and I feel Modi could be a leader like that. Yes, the issue of 2002 keeps cropping up in the media, but he was given a clean chit. I feel that he did what he could and has evolved as a politician since then.

I was a fan of Arvind Kejriwal. I saw a ray of hope in him, but he has played with the trust of the people and I feel that he is even scarier for the country than the BJP or the Congress. He had a brilliant chance in Delhi, but I think he really screwed up.

So, for the lack of a better choice, I will go with the BJP. Their campaign has been innovative. Modi’s speeches have been impressive as is his track record in Gujarat. He is talking about development, about things that can be used to change the system and it gives us the feeling of hope.

As told to Avalok Langer


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