Katju’s tweet on Shazia irks many

Retired Supreme Court judge Markandey Katju
Retired Supreme Court judge Markandey Katju

Former Press Council chairman wrote people in Delhi would have voted for the BJP had the party chosen Shazia instead of Bedi. Former Press Council chairman, Markandey Katju’s views have mostly been appreciated by everyone but  his latest tweet on the recently joined BJP member Shazia Ilmi has come in for a lot of flak. Katju wrote on the social media platform that BJP should have chosen Shazia as chief ministerial candidate instead  of Kiran Bedi because the former is more beautiful.

Katju’s tweet,”I regard Shazia Ilmi much more beautiful than Kiran Bedi. If Shazia had been made their  C.M. candidate BJP wud have definitely won the Delhi elections. People vote for beautiful faces, as in  Croatia. Even a person like me who does not vote would have voted for Shazia.”

Responding to caustic remarks crowding his timeline over the strange tweet, Katju responded, “Some  people objected to my last tweet. My response is: develop a sense of humour. The tweet was in lighter  vein and should be construed as such.”


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