Karuna lauds Sonia Gandhi for Food Bill

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Chennai, Aug 27 (PTI): Lauding Congress President Sonia Gandhi for “being instrumental” in bringing the Food Security Bill, DMK today expressed confidence that more amendments will be included in “course of time and based on experience.”

Party chief M Karunanidhi expressed satisfaction that amendments suggested by DMK and other parties had been accepted, but hastened to add that there were many other amendments waiting to be incorporated.

“I expect the required amendments to be made through the course of time and based on experience,” he told reporters here.

Holding that a legislation for right to food had been enacted after 66 years of independence, the 90-year-old leader said the poor will rejoice over it.

“I thank those who voted in support of the bill, and in particular laud Sonia Gandhi who was instrumental in bringing the bill,” he said.

Without mentioning anybody, he took a dig at critics of the UPA initiative, using a Tamil saying to imply that only those who don’t like someone will find fault with everything.

“But one should not be adamant and have the maturity to accept something which is good. Even main opposition parties who expressed their opinion welcomed the Bill. One can function as an Opposition party, but will not be good (if) it is an enemy party,” he added.

He thanked one and all for accepting the DMK-moved amendments and passing the bill without any hitch.

The Lok Sabha passed the flagship programme, which envisages providing subsidised food to poor, last night after a marathon discussion.

On being asked to comment on the view that the Food Bill was introduced with an eye on the 2014 general elections, Karunanidhi said,”if that be the case, it will amount to say that all government schemes and projects have an election motive.”


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