Karnataka Governor’s Hindi speech sparks language row

PIc : Karnataka Governor Vajubhai Vala
Pic : Karnataka Governor Vajubhai Vala

Governor’s Hindi speech sparked a fresh row in Karnataka , second time in a week. Even as the protests by the Kannada groups against the Governor Vaj ubhai Vala were beginning to simmer down, the Governor’s address to the joint session of the Karnataka assembly once again sparked off a fresh row.

 Even as the Governor Vaju Bhai Vala arrived at the Karnataka assembly , several activists of the Kannada Rakshana Vedike started their protest at the assembly gate. Their demands were simple , “ No imposition of Hindi “ through Raj Bhavan,. It may be recalled that the Governor Vajubhai Vala had made his Republic day address in Hindi and the same had triggered protests last week.

 Narayana Gowda, President of the Rakshana Vedike said “ The Governor at best should address in English , as he doesn’t know kannada. But the hindi speeches seem like a part of a larger conspiracy to impose Hindi in the state through Raj Bhavan” . His organization threatened to continue with the agitations against the Governor in the coming days.  The politicians however were softer in their opinion on the language controversy which revived once again.


  1. If he cannot speak Kannada, then he can use his mother tongue Gujarati . Otherwise English should be fine. Why he is hell-bent to speak in Hindi? This Hindi imposition should stop.

  2. G.Kannan: Good. The Hindians should know it is India not Hindia.

    Now big Corporates like Aietel/TATASKY chose HINDI only as their home channel.
    it is the conspiracy of Hindians and RSS wallas. What if we impose Hindi in COPORATES?
    Many medical products have Hindi printed on their cartons.

    Should we not awake before it is too late ?

  3. If he is at the office for 5 years. It should be his responsibility to learn the language. When students of this country can learn German/french/Spanish etc;- for work related benefits why not the governor appointed by Govt. of India learn a particular language where he/she serves. This is a sheer negligence to address in Hindi and not in Kannada.


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