Kanhaiya Kumar speaks out his worries

Kanhiaya Kumar, JNUSU president in the eye of the storm
Kanhiaya Kumar, JNUSU president in the eye of the storm

It was a gathering of it’s sort, it was historical, thousands and thousands of students’ assembled outside the administrative block of the Jawahar Lal Nehru University, to listen to their president, Kanhaiya Kumar, who had just arrived after being granted bail by a Delhi Court in a case of sedition against him. Some faculty members, who had been in the University for long said that it was a mobilization of its sort, it was unprecedented.
The crowd was electric, it raised relentless slogans in support of their leaders and reiterated their demands for Azadi from the different shackles of political and economic life before Kanhaiya addresed them.
Kanhaiya, was earlier brought to the University by a team of Delhi Police, escorted by security covers at around 6 Pm in the evening.

Kanhaiya, who appeared undetered and unmoved by his stay in two weeks of Judicial custody, was full of energy and vigor while he spoke. He took jibes on the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Smriti Irani, along with a section of media for trying to divert the issues that concerns the daily life of people of this country to cases of sedition against them .

Digging on a tweet by Prime Minister, Modi, that read, Satyamev Jayte, the victory, he said, “at least he and Modi stood together on one front and that is they both believed in Satyamev Jayte, the victory of truth as that comes from the constitution.”

Hitting out hard at the Prime Minister with a pinch of sarcasm, he said, ” I was watching Prime Minister, Modi talking about Stalin and Khrushchev in the parliament, at that moment I felt like jumping inside the television screen and remind him to talk about the German dictator, Hitler as well. ”

Kanhaiya, also reiterated what his followers and supporters have been claiming for long that he never raised any slogan which goes against the constitution of the country and that a section of media indulged in the malpractice of doctoring videos to paint him in a wrong light.

Clarifying his stance on Azadi, the leader said,” I do not want freedom from India but freedom in India.”

He further appealed to the Students’ community to keep on fighting for those still inside the jail, on charges of sedition.

His speech, which Kanhaiya preferred to term as his Anubahav ( experience) had created an uproar on the Social media, one section condemned it, calling it a breach of court orders while there was a lot that cheered for him.
Later in the night, Delhi Cheif Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, tweeted, “What a brilliant speech by Kanhaiya?” followed by words of praise by other leaders and several other prominent personalities.