Kamal Haasan leans towards Left


kamal_visit-5The political atmosphere in Tamil Nadu has been tense since the two AIADMK camps, led by Chief Minister Edappadi Palanisamy and Deputy Chief Minister O Panneerselvam, announced their merger. Panneerselvam was appointed to the deputy CM’s post only after his faction aligned with Palanisamy’s camp. Amit Shah on the other hand, is making a decent attempt to enter the unconquered regions of East and South India. Tamil Nadu, with 39 MPs, is electorally the biggest state in South India. In 2014, BJP garnered just a single seat here regardless of the enormous Modi wave.

The BJP has been trying to woo Rajinikanth to enter political arena since they desperately want to catch the foothold in Tamil Nadu and the actor is their only way out. BJP has always been seen as a Hindutva organisation of Hindi-speakers and Brahmins and that’s the reason it fails to echo in the anti-Hindi and anti-Brahmin Dravidian politics of the state. The party is making a various attempts to recast itself, however, it desperately needs a face in the state and only Rajinikanth has the capability to saffronise Tamil Nadu and no one else.

When one of his friend-cum-professional rival is seen on the verge of joining politics, Kamal Haasan seems to be looking forward to something similar. Over the decades, both the superstars of Tamil cinema have created an iconic position for themselves and have a dedicated fan following which is unmatched till date. Kamal Haasan’s political statements come days after he told his fans to be prepared to march to Fort St George, the seat of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly, to make sure that corrupt politicians are not elected again in the state. Over the most recent couple of days, Kamal has shown valour in going up against the AIADMK government, blaming the framework for harbouring “corruption in every department”. He reminded fans that the people were responsible for putting corrupt politicians in power.

Yet, the most interesting turn in Tamil and Left politics came with the meeting of Kamal Haasan with Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan . Haasan made it clear that he is not inclining towards DMK or anybody else so far as that is concerned and said that he needs to do good for the society. The remarks given by him that he’s not aligning with BJP, DMK, AIADMK or INC is clear indication that he’s leaning towards Left parties. Kamal Haasan said that he has been talking to Kerala CM and seeking advice regarding his political entry, and he will meet more politicians before he makes his call. When asked about why choosing Pinarayi Vijayan over any other politician, he replied “look at the statistics of Kerala, you are pushing it to the standards of western countries. Mine is not blind admiration, it is sensible.” He had come to celebrate one year of Pinarayi Vijayan’s governance which he claims will be a learning experience for him. As of now it seems that even if he forms his own party then he’ll be under the canopy of Left Front.

Separately, BJP leader and MP Subramaniyam Swamy called the Tamil star Kamal Haasan an idiot. He tweeted “I hear pompous idiot Kamalahasan is joining CPM”, The BJP leader made this tweets following recent statement made by the hero that he support Left parties only. Following his remark, Kamal had met Kerala CM and CPM leader P Vijayan in Thiruvananthapuram.

The Tamil cinema has, for the most part, focused on linguistic and cultural identity and Indian politics has additionally been worked on similar principles for a very long period. The Dravidian politics’ domination in Tamil Nadu and Rajinikanth’s over-emphasis on spirituality, both on and off cinema, has led to speculation over whether he might eventually take refuge in the BJP. Anyone who has watched a few of Kamal Haasan films, would realise that he has the tendency to makes movies which are based on his ideologies and philosophy. One of his most iconic movies named Anbe Sivam is based on his life as a communist fighting for wages of labourers. While addressing the press after meeting Kerala CM he said “My ‘colour’ has been obvious over the 40 years I have worked in cinema, and it is definitely not saffron.” Staunch supporters of free food choices, and against the politics of religion both Kamal Haasan and Indian communists share various similarities.

Furthermore, he asserted that his role models are usually from Left wing. There’s a possibility that if not saffron his colour might be red. If this somehow turns out to be true in future, it will change the entire course of electorally plaguing communist parties in Tamil Nadu. Many Tamilians have already written the obit of Communist parties and have lost hope in them ignoring the fact that it had produced leaders like P. Ramamurthi who was the first leader of opposition in Madras assembly.

One of the issue which has kept Communist Party of India and the Communist Party of India (Marxist) strangling, happens to be the way that none of them have the splendid propaganda machine that most other political parties or BJP to be precise can brag about as a matter of course.That’s the reason they are failing to attract voters in spite of having excellent models of development in Tripura and Kerala. In this manner any criticism and allegation tossed at them happen to hit them with full drive in the face.

Left parties are blindly labelled as anti-nationals by its political and ideological opponents. This deception strategy of yesteryear, sadly, is utilized even today. Maligning the other is a political technique has always been used by the Conservative parties in power against any dissenting viewpoint. If it was China in 1962, its Pakistan today. It they were Communists and Socialists then, it is the, seculars and liberals who are targeted by the right wing today. When asked if Kamal Haasan would like to a part of the Left movement he answered, “Wait patiently ” but didn’t say a blunt ‘no’ as in case of BJP. Kamal Haasan’s entry into Tamil politics will not only result into formation of a progressive alliance in Tamil Nadu but also a new alternative apart from ‘Mahagathbandhan’ aimed at resisting the march of the saffron brigade. In the present situation when there are no charismatic mass leaders like MGR or Jayalithaa around, and with Karunanidhi retiring from active politics, Kamal Haasan has provides a better future for Tamil Nadu and the Left movement.