Kaleidoscope: Tweets and Trolls



Modi gets thumbs up from film folk

WHAT went viral: Ban on 500 and 1,000 notes

WHO: #Bollywood

WHEN: November 9

WHERE: Twitter

WHY: Because Bollywood supported the move

HOW it got triggered: In a surprise move on November 8, Prime Minister Narendra Modi banned notes of 500 and 1,000. The whole country went crazy and was either seen queueing up outside ATMs or tweeting.

To curb the flow of black money in market, Modi took the nation by storm with his decision to ban 500 and 1,000-rupee notes. The news, which spread like wild fire, sent social media into a frenzy. Bollywood celebrities also took the opportunity and came out in support of the decision


Karan Johar @karanjohar tweeted, “This is truly a masterstroke move!!!! @narendramodi hits it out of the stadium!!!!”

Anushka Sharma @AnushkaSharma tweeted, “A welcome bold&courageous step by PM Modiji towards nation building.Each 1of us shld cooperate in d larger interest of d nation #BlackMoney”

Suniel Shetty @SunielVShetty tweeted, “9/11 jab bhi aata hai hila dalta hai bhai…this 9/11 some will lose…many shall win! A powerful & brave decision indeed #RIP #BlackMoney”

Rishi Kapoor @chintskap tweeted, “PM Modi ji. Ball out of the stadium. Wohaaaaaa!!!! De monetisation is the right answer. Congratulations!”



Tweeple already miss Obama

WHAT went viral: US Election 2016

WHO: #BarackObama

WHEN: November 8

WHERE: Twitter

WHY: Because in eight years former US president has gathered a lot of fans

HOW it got triggered: While the whole world was busy deciding between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama fans were venting their hearts out on twitter. Millions of Americans shared their feelings of despair on social media. People felt directly connected with Obama, who was often called ‘people’s leader’. He is known for sharing his moments with his employees on their birthdays,playing basketball with kids and for expressing his empathy, concerns and great sense of humour.


Tiana @ArizonaTiana tweeted, “Obama it’s been real I’m going to miss you so much”

Chris Rocky @chrisrockyoz tweeted, “I’m going to miss President Obama. I don’t care who knows it. This guy was once in a lifetime.”

ObamaLaDiv von Paris @ladivadeparis tweeted, “Dear @BarackObama, as you might be avaible in May next year, would you mind to run for being the next President of France?”

Ël @Luxuexx tweeted, “Lord, I just want to thank you for 8 years with Barack Obama. He will go down in history as the greatest president the U.S has ever seen.”


Social media goes berserk seeing Theresa May visiting temple in a saree 

Theresa May Takes A British Trade Delegation To India - Day 2

WHAT went viral: British Prime Minister in saree

WHO: #Theresa May

WHEN: November 9

WHERE: Twitter

WHY: Because she brightened Indians with her gold and green saree

HOW it got triggered: On her first bilateral trip outside Europe since she took office, Theresa May was a hit with Indians. Tweeple was thrilled and the pictures of British PM in saree visiting the Halasuru Someshwara Temple in Bengaluru on November 8 went viral.


Smriti Kak @smritikak tweeted, “If #Trump and #Demonitisation weren’t making news, #TheresaMay’s sari would have been trending, no.”

Manish Singh @Manish_05Singh tweeted, “@theresa_may excellent. PM May is carrying it well, looks like she’s been wearing sari for years”

oddity @oddity_g tweeted, “What a fasionista! #theresamay wears sari better than I do. well anybody does better than me in that area ..but still”

Deven Abhyankar @devenroy tweeted, “Respected @theresa_may Thanks for wearing sari on your visit to india, My entire family very happy & I am sure other Indians also felt same.”


Here’s how celebrities reacted to Trump’s win


WHAT went viral: New US President

WHO: #DonaldTrump

WHEN: November 9

WHERE: Twitter

WHY: Bollywood celebs rooted for Ms Clinton

HOW it got triggered: As the newly elected US President Donald Trump prepares to walk into the White House, Bollywood celebs went crazy. Not expecting this outcome of the US poll, they went berserk and tweeted like this:

Twinkle Khanna @mrsfunnybones tweeted, “Donald Duck waddling to the White House doesn’t seem to be just a surreal nightmare. Misogyny plays its trump card and wins.”

Radhika Apte @radhika_apte tweeted, “Sad shocking and scary.. Wonder what we have in store.”
Huma Qureshi @humasqureshi, “Dear America , Trump is what happens when you watch too much Reality TV”

Arjun Rampal @rampalarjun tweeted, “Oh Teri!!!!! Yeh jeetgaya. New president #donaldtrump. Hope all visiting America have got their visas.”

Shirish Kunder @ShirishKunder tweeted, “Mayans were not wrong about the end of the world. They were only 4 years early. #ElectionNight #Election2016”