Kaleidoscope: Tweets and Trolls


Arvind VS Amrinder


WHAT went viral: Twitter war between Delhi CM and Punjab Ex-CM

WHO: #Arvind Kejriwal #AmrinderSingh

WHEN: October 24

WHERE: Twitter

WHY: Because twitter has become the most preferred sparring platform

HOW it got triggered: On October 24 our beloved Delhi CM accused Amrinder Singh of using “drug money” in his campaign. “Sir, ppl talking in Punjab that u using Majithia’s drug money in ur campaign. Is it true? U had saved him from CBI enquiry 3 yrs back”
Amrinder Singh gave him a stinging reply saying Kejriwal was “seeing stars during the day”. “When your hopes crash from 100 to 30 & still sliding, you’re bound to hallucinate & see things that don’t exist.” One after the other, their tweets kept pouring in which led to war of words and tweeple got the reason to engage and enjoy.


Kumauni @tterIndia tweeted, “@capt_amarinder But sir, In 2002 you accused badals of 3500 crore scam but never arrested them? Thts Why Punjabis kicked you out in 2007.”

Sudhanshu S. Singh @sssingh21 tweeted, “@ArvindKejriwal Sir, people talking in Delhi that you are using Delhi taxpayer’s money on Punjab elections. Is that true? @capt_amarinder”

Gautham Gururaj @gauthamgururaj tweeted , “Captain Amarinder Singh’s takedown of Arvind Kejriwal is the funniest thing I’ve read all day long”


People troll Yadav Family Feud


WHAT went viral: The fallout between Mulayam Singh Yadav and his son Akhilesh Yadav

WHO: #YadavFamily

WHEN: October 23

WHERE: Twitter

WHY: Because family dramas are more hit than other issues

HOW it got triggered: If you haven’t yet heard about Yadav family feud then you must be hiding under the rock by now. The fall out between father and the son is seen as the latest family tussle in India, called as ‘pari-wars’ by tweeple. People watched the drama and trolled it. Let’s see their hilarious comments:


Funny Deol @Funny_Deol tweeted, “#SamajwadiParty is the new #GOW”

funny deolAnkur Bhardwaj @Bhayankur tweeted, “Disappointed that Mulayam didn’t interrupt Shivpal’s speech and say, “Hatt pagle! Rulayega kya!”#SamajwadiParty”

Drunk BATMAN @Caped_Humor tweeted, “Now that Samajwadi party is going to be divided into two halves …name each of them SamajAadhi Party.”

Sagar @sagarcasm tweeted, “It is month end, plus Diwali shopping time. The only thing that is more broke than the working class, is Samajwadi Party.”


When Twitter gifts English Speaking Course to Shoaib Akhtar

CmNkRb-VYAAwm0LWHAT went viral: Pakistani bowling star Shoaib Akhtar’s tweet
WHO: #ShoaibAkhtar
WHEN: October 24
WHERE: Twitter
WHY: Because other than Surgical Strikes and Fawad Khan we have more to relate with Pakistan
HOW it got triggered: After Virender Sehwag and Piers Morgan Twitter match over the love of English language, we got another legend who rose to fame for his English. He simply typed a message in English which went over the heads of people as it became hard for them to comprehend it.


rapidexThe Viral Fever @TheViralFever tweeted, “Surgical strike by Sohaib Akhtar on English speaking Pakistanis. No casualties till now.”

Sumit @Zugzwang_20 tweeted, “@iarakhan @shoaib100mph First Lady of Pakistan is she president or his wife?”

Pankaj Mishra @pankajmishra23 tweeted, “Dear @shoaib100mph pls restrict your English to “Insallah boys played very well”!

Sand-d Singh@Sand_In_Deed tweeted, “@shoaib100mph sir, please accept this as a Diwali gift from my side.”


Sports Minister Vijay Goel is again on trolling gates


WHAT went viral: Kabaddi World Cup photo with the sports minister

WHO: #VijayGoel

WHEN: September 22

WHERE: Twitter

WHY: Because he likes publicity stunts

HOW it got triggered: While India was celebrating retaining the title of Kabaddi Champion in the World Cup, Netizens got angry with our sports minister. His presence in the victory photo with the athletes created a lot of frustration and despair with Indians. Goel, who went to present the trophy to the winning team, stayed longer in the frame than he was expected to. People blamed him for stealing attention from players. The furious tweeple said he was “trying to steal attention from the players”. This was not the first time that the minister had irked the public. He was trolled for his selfies during the Rio Olympics too. Not only this a twitter user was so upset that he asked the prime minister to sack Vijay Goel.


Surgical Maithun @Being_Humor tweeted, “#INDvIRN #kabaddiworldcup2016 Warning: @VijayGoelBJP in stadium”

Nipun Taneja @taneja_nipun tweeted, “@VijayGoelBJP That’s how you steal someone else’s thunder. Sad how someone had 2 tell you 2 step away at the end. You couldn’t do it urself.”

DontBuyChinaProducts @hater007 tweeted, “@VijayGoelBJP @taneja_nipun Entire country has seen what you have done, if u r der 2 present trophy y r u holding it and posing for photo”

 @Rabid_Troll tweeted, “Dear @narendramodi there is a good reason to sack Vijay”