Kaleidoscope: Tweets and Trolls


Twitterati present more ideas for Baba Ramdev’s garment venture

Patanjali Jeans

WHAT went viral: Patanjali’s decision to launch Swadeshi jeans

WHO: #BabaRamdev

WHEN: September 11

WHERE: Twitter, Facebook, news portals,

WHY: Because people were amused and shocked at Baba Ramdev’s love for fashion.

HOW it got triggered: Baba Ramdev’s announcement to launch a garment venture
by the end of this year, gave people another chance to troll him. Patanjali’s ‘Swadeshi Jeans’ got twiterrati transported from disbelief to amusement. “Just because I am a baba does not mean we cannot marry modernity with spirituality, we can make, let’s say desi jeans,” said Baba Ramdev. Baba got a lot of suggestions from the Netizens, not only for this new business venture but also for additional areas of business.


Manmohan Singh@ManMuhanSingh tweeted, “How come it doesn’t have an image of cow on it?? Patanjli Jeans By Baba Ramdev”

Patanjali UmbrelaGautam Trivedi@Gotham3 tweeted, “Baba Ramdev presents Patanjali Herbal Umbrella.”

Kamal Rathi @rathikamal tweeted, “Ladies in India will be able to wear Jeans without any objections as Baba Ramdev is launching #sanskarijeans”

Varun Chaturvedi @vchaturvedi23 tweeted, “This joke is hilarious….. Oh wait it’s news”

@anony tweeted, “pehle isko jeans pehenao..he wants to look smart and so this ploy, forcibly be made to wear the jeans he makes”

Apoorv Singh Tanwar commented on Facebook, “Because there’s one thing called Marketing and baba is an expert in that.”


Kejriwal again enters the Troll Club

Troll Club

WHAT went viral: Delhi CM’s needling tweets against the PM

WHO: #ArvindKejriwal

WHEN: September 8

WHERE: Twitter

WHY: Because Kejriwal is known for his explicit comments on Narendra Modi

HOW it got triggered: It all started when Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeared in an ad of Reliance Industries. Of course, like many other people Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal criticised the move. But as usual, his attacks on the PM are more bitter than others, which, this time, became the reason of this troll. In one of his tweets, he even named the PM as “Mr Reliance”. Kejriwal never misses any chance to slam the PM. This time people have asked him to get over this issue.


Rebel(Gadvi Ji) @GadhviLaxman tweeted “@ArvindKejriwal politics chhod de troll ban ja bhai ab kuch din hi bache hai !!”

Troll club1The-Lying-Lama@KyaUkhaadLega tweeted, “@ArvindKejriwal Sir we are all coming to welcome you to the troll club”

Akshay! @theKumarAkshay tweeted, “@ArvindKejriwal- PM PM karte karte 5 saal jaldi beet jayenge”

Sudhanshu S. Singh @sssingh21, “@ArvindKejriwal Its a pity seeing a person our CM whose IQ is lower than primary students; who is more childish than children. Grow up man.”


Kapil Sharma questions ‘Achhe Din’; tweeple bounce back with bribe questions

WHAT went viral: The Comedian’s complaint to the PM

WHO: #KapilSharma

WHEN: September 9

WHERE: Twitter

WHY: Because everybody wants to troll the comedian.

HOW it got triggered: One Friday morning people woke up to a series of tweets, in which comedian Kapil Sharma had tagged the Prime Minister, “Yeh hain aapke achhe din?” In the complaint addressed directly to Prime Minister Modi, he said that he has already paid tax of Rs 15 crore and now has been asked to pay bribe of 1.5 lakh to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to get approval for his office.

kapilHis tweet, in no time, went viral and almost all of his 6 million fans made sure that it is retweeted. The whole episode prompted Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis to respond to Kapil Sharma regarding his corruption allegations. “Kapilbhai pls provide all info. Have directed MC, BMC to take the strictest action. We will not spare the culprit,” he said. Kapil was hailed as well as criticised by the Twtterrrati. While Modi bhakts slammed him calling it a publicity stunt, some others supported him for slamming Modi’s acche din.


SamSays @samjawed65 tweeted, “So it is also Kapil Sharma’s fault. Even though he didn’t say he actually paid the bribe.”

Sayyed Sahzad @Iamsahzad tweeted, “@KapilSharmaK9 Brave And bold #KapilSharma raising this issue is a big thing and i think it will help others

Naresh Bhalla @NareshBhalla tweeted, “By tweeting truth #KapilSharma is new entrant in Modi-BJP-SS bhakts & trolls hate-list,nw he wll be abused n may also receive legal notices”

Achhe DinThe-Lying-Lama@KyaUkhaadLega tweeted with a picture of Kejriwal, “@KapilSharmaK9 “Aaja Kapil party main, dil khush kar diya re tune to !”

Ankit@indiantweeter tweeted, “Paying bribe is also a offence, Kapil Sharma can be arrested for it”

Ashwin Mushran @ashwinmushran tweeted, “Why would you target Kapil Sharma for highlighting an age old problem? Imagine how tough it is for the rest. A good thing to have spoken out”


Twitterrati loses control on ColdPlay’s ticket price


WHAT went viral: Ticket price of Coldplay’s concert

WHO: #Coldplay

WHEN: September 9

WHERE: Twitter

WHY: Because Indians still believe cheap is the best policy

HOW it got triggered: ColdPlay fans rejoiced when they got the news that ColdPlay concert will be held in India but soon their dreams crashed when the ticket price was revealed. If rumours are to be believed, then ColdPlay ticket price would cost Indians anything between 25,000 and 5 lakh. Twitterrati went crazy over the amount and posted a number of tweets.


Roflindian @Roflindian tweeted,”Which organ must you sacrifice to get hold of a Coldplay ticket?Neeta @neetaluvHAY,”

Twitterrati2The Viral FeverVerified [email protected] tweeted, “People who can afford to buy #Coldplay concert tickets in one pic”

Pakchikpak Raja Babu @HaramiParindey tweeted, “Friend *calls* : Coldplay concert ki tickets aayengi to bank se paise nikaal lunga

*Ticket for 25k*
Friend: Chal bank lootna hai batana ”

Akshay Parik @parikakshay, “I’ll pay 25 k for #coldplay concert if Chris Martin promises to sing “ Tum to thehre pardesi “, the whole 14-minute version!!!”