Kaleidoscope: Tweets and Trolls



Twitter flares up with Vishal Dadlani, Jain Monk and Kejriwal

WHAT went viral: Singer-composer’s tweet over nude Jain monk’s presence in Haryana Assembly

WHO: #VishalDadlani, #JainMonk, #ArvindKejriwal

WHEN: August 27

WHERE: Twitter

WHY: Because people have a lot to say when it comes to religion and politics.

HOW it got triggered: On a very unusual day, a Jain monk addressed in Haryana Assembly. While this was not enough, the monk was also nude. And on top of it, he delivered sermons on the duties of a wife. “It is the duty of every wife to accept the discipline of her husband,” he said. People got divided into two sects-one urged to keep politics aloof from religion while the second sect saw no obscenity in the nude monk rather advocated it as an integral part of Jainism.

While this was so, the singer-composer Vishal jumped to twitter to express his anguish as why a monk addressed the state assembly. He even posted a picture on twitter and wrote “If you voted for these people, YOU are responsible for this absurd nonsense! #NoAchcheDin, just #NoKachcheDin”on it.

Vishal, who is seen as an AAP supporter, couldn’t gather any support from even Kejriwal, who even criticized the singer but later the chief minister himself got trolled by the twitterratti. The rage over the whole episode grew so much on twitter that Dadlani offered to quit political work.


Arvind Kejriwal @ArvindKejriwal tweeted on August 27, “Tarun Sagar ji Maharaj is a very revered saint, not just for jains but everyone. Those showing disrespect is unfortunate and shud stop”

Meena Swiss-Bharat @mgrg7 replied to Kejriwal’s tweet, “@ArvindKejriwal Disrespect must stop and the Sermon is most welcome. BUT NOT IN THE ASSEMBLY. #VishalDadlani is absolutely right. #Jains”

@ggiittiikkaa tweeted on Aug 27, “Respect for sir @ArvindKejriwal. Even if Jain population is only 45 lakh, he isn’t willing to let go of their votes”

Karwan @karwan tweeted, “@benz_ravi @khalidmfp @ArvindKejriwal Assembly is a place 4 democratically elected people. This is not a place for a saint to deliver sermon”

Alka Misra @alkabist tweeted,”@VishalDadlani you have managed to offend quite a few people… Jains and non-Jains. it’s best to think before uttering hurtful words.”


Even a skirt has the power to go viral

Wmahesh SharmaHAT went viral: Tourism Minister’s advice to foreign tourists

WHO: #MaheshSharma

WHEN: August 29

WHERE: Twitter, Facebook

WHY: Because the minister’s welcome kit for foreign tourists invited outrage against his own statement.

HOW it got triggered: While explaining about the welcome kit, Tourism Minister Mahesh Sharma said, “There’s a card in there listing the do’s and don’ts. Basic things like, ‘Don’t go out at night alone.’ ‘Don’t wear skirts.” The comment immediately got attention and the critics lambasted and trolled the minister.


Tejbir Dhillon commented on FB, “Hahaahah hahahaa hilarious ….! Where is this country gng to ….!

Modi-jee please define your future ka funda, your govt vision for country.”

Khalid Jalal commented on FB, “All Business are going through worst period these days and now they want to end tourism industry also.”

SheSays @SheSaysIndia tweeted on August 29,”#MaheshSharma go home & make a sandwich. Don’t dictate terms to women under garb of “Indian Culture”



Amitabh-QuraishiAmitabh Bachchan defends India when Pak journo Quraishi slams Indian athletes at Rio

WHAT went viral: Pakistan journalist’s criticism of India’s win at the Rio Olympics 2016

WHO: # OmarQuraishi

WHEN: August 18

WHERE: Twitter

WHY: Because nobody likes India being mocked at

HOW it got triggered: Omar Quraishi, a journalist with Samaa TV in Pakistan couldn’t handle India’s wins at Rio Olympics and gets trolled by not only the twitterrrati but also by celebrities such as Amitabh Bachchan and Shekhar Gupta.

In a series of tweets,  Quraishi made fun of India’s victory by tweeting “For a population of over 1.25 billion India managed just one bronze medal — Norway with 5 million managed 2 — tch tch tch”. Within no time the superstar and many others took to twitter to defend their country. A twitter user, Soumya Sagar replied with this “@omar_quraishi For a population of over 185 million Pakistan couldn’t even qualify. Israel with 8 million sent 47 athletes. — tch tch tch”


Amitabh Bachchan@SrBachchan retweeted Omar r Quraishi, “For me it is worth a 1000 golds and even that is not enough. Pride for Sakshi, proud that she is Indian and a woman.”

Shekhar Gupta @ShekharGupta said on twitter, “You deserve a red card. No proportionate quota in Olympics. #GB has more medals than 25 times bigger China”

Wakeupsoon @wakeupsoon01 tweeted on Aug 18, “@Omar_Quraishi Ha Ha Ha Pakistan not even qualified for rio and this cartoon qurashi has balls to comment on qualified team”

Asif Siddiqi @AsifSiddiqi3 tweeted Aug 19, “@omar_quraishi This is in extremely bad taste. One never expected such rubbish from a reputed journalist. Shame on you.”

VPMishra @16Vpm tweeted,”@omar_quraishi aapki dukaan bhi chamka di Bachchan saheb ne.”

NURUL QUAMAR KHAN @NurulQuamar tweeted, “@omar_quraishi @SrBachchan ke ek response paane k liye itni gaaliya khayi tune.. Tu to saccha fan nikla re pagle.”

Abhimanyu Deora @adhi888111 tweeted, “@snobers @omar_quraishi Yeah u guys liked it so much. How about bombing your own places as a gesture of celebration. It’s ur hobby right ???”

RohitGangwar 09_rkg tweeted, “@omar_quraishi ooo Uncle how many players from ur country In Rio For #Rio2016 or all r in busy terrorism and killing innocent people”

NarendraShivajiPatel @nsp, “Of course India deserve criticism. One bronze for 1.25 billion. But in Pak lot of terrorists for only 0.2 billion population @omar_quraishi.”




Amul did the best buttering on Twitter

WHAT went viral: Amul’s Cartoon Ads on Rio athletes

WHO: #Amul

WHEN: August 19

WHERE: Twitter

WHY: Because Amul not only reigned the taste buds but also hearts of several people.

HOW it got triggered: The iconic Amul girl had been articulated what people failed to speak. As India celebrated Indian’s victory at the Rio Olympics, Amul released its cartoon ads which became the apt tribute to honour the athletes. The dairy company kept on rejoicing the triumphs at the Rio while producing fascinated ads one after the other. Amul even commenting on all the controversies that engulfed India before the games at Rio. From Salman Khan to Yogeshwar Dutt. Amul had it all.


chirag @spciky tweeted on August 19 , “@Amul_Coop wow! Woow! You and only you can think up something this good so quickly.”

Neeta @neetaluvHAY tweeted “@Amul_Coop You were well prepare like Sindhu!!!!”

Achal Rangaswamy @achalrangaswamy tweeted, “@Amul_Coop your topical deserves a Gold!!!”