Kaleidoscope: Tweets and Trolls



Zakir sues Arnab; Twitteratti Sue both

WHAT went viral: Zakir slaps Rs 500 crore defamation notice on Arnab Goswami

WHO: #Zakir Naik, #Arnab Goswami, #Barkha Dutt

WHEN: July 29

WHERE: Facebook

WHY: Because people got another reason to spread more love for Zakir, Barkha and Arnab.

HOW it got triggered: As Arnab Goswami has been churning out stories against Naik, so Zakir also planned something for him in return. Naik slapped 500-crore defamation suit against him. Arnab and Barkha Dutt were already exchanging heated words. The news spread like a fire and gracious netizens took rounds to comment on it. Let’s have a look a how people rewarded the trio. Recently Barkha was also trolled for saying “I am ashamed of working in the same industry as Arnab.”


Uttaran Sarmah commented on FB, “First let the cartoon return to India. A Traitor’s lawsuits against Indians are like a thief suing a legitimate owner.”

Susheel Kumar commented on a news website,”Arnab has gone bonkers. Needs to get real and rational. Thanks to him, I have stopped seeing Times Now”

G Shrikanta Raje Urs G @ShrizUrs tweeted, “@IndiaToday Now there will be #DefamationDebate @TimesNow Popcorn time for @NDTV brigade OOD.”

Dipankar @Dipsy1602 tweeted, “Isse kehte hain unity, a friend @BDUTT in need a friend (Zakir) in deed… @IndiaToday #KeepItPersonal @TimesNow”

Pura Nanur on FB said, “Every real patriotic Indians should sue Arnab for creating confusion and communal clashes in India.”


Twitterati taxed by GST


WHAT went viral: Goods and services tax passed in Rajya Sabha


WHEN: August 4

WHERE: Twitter

WHY: Because anything serious can tickle people’s funny bones.

HOW it got triggered: After nearly eight hours of discussion, the GST Bill gets clearance certificate in the Rajya Sabha. While the political lobby was busy passing the Bill, people were cracking jokes about it. And also, they found another topic to drag in Mr Kejriwal and Mr Rahul Gandhi.


Hashu @hawashmi tweeted, “Sad to hear that GST passed away.”
MGR @Being_Humor tweeted, “#GSTBill passed. Kejriwal ji ki
vipassana bhang.”

“#GSTBill passed unanimously. Last time BJP and Congress came together when Rahul Gandhi was made congress’ face for 2014 lok Sabha election,” he tweeted again.

The-Lying-Lama @KyaUkhaadLega tweeted,

Modi: Agar #GSTBill se total tax collection kam hua to?
Jaitley: Apna kya hai ! Salaried class pe GST cess pel denge”



Surabhi actress’ funny interview goes viral


WHAT went viral: Renuka’s hilarious conversation with Mr. J

WHO: #RenukaShahne

WHEN: August 8

WHERE: Facebook

WHY: Because people love it when journalists don’t do their homework.

HOW it got triggered: One fine night, Renuka Shahne’s FB blog woke her fans up and they found no reason to go back to sleep. Renuka Shahane posted her conversation with a journalist which was so funny that people spend their night commenting on it. The journalist, whom Renuka calls J in her post, hadn’t done his/her homework before interviewing her and the result is hilarious.

J: So apart from Surabhi which I remember you’ve done Swabhimaan, right?
Me: Many serials but not Swabhimaan
J: Oh no no it was Shanti right? It was very popular….
Me: It sure was but I wasn’t in it?
J (sounding utterly gobsmacked): Er….then what were you in? Please tell me names of your serials?
Me: Why didn’t you do your homework?
J: Please ma’am help me now…I will do it from next time….only a few questions
Me: Okay
J: What is the difference between the serials you did & the serials today?
Me: Serials I acted in were weeklies.
J: Weeklies?
Me (patiently): We have daily soaps now…they are called dailies because they are shown daily. My serials were called weeklies because they were shown once a week
J: Oh so only once a week? You mean one story for one week?
Me: No….how do I explain this? You have daily newspapers, weekly magazines, fortnightly ones & monthly ones…..some are printed quarterly? Right?
J: Oh so you had a lot of variety like weeklies & fortnightly
Me: No no….I mean we had variety….but I was just drawing an analogy
so that you could relate it to your
work Pause
Me: Are you there?
J: Yes ma’am….I thought you were drawing something so I waited


David DSouza commented on FB,”I’m sure the J creature is being shown the door even as we speak!!”

Anil Kumar Singh commented on FB,” Yes, it happens but some of these reporters rise to be editors. Remember, the mighty oak was once a nut.”

Raminder Pal Singh on FB said, “That was some amusement! 🙂 I think he was overwhelmed by your graceful presence and could not concentrate :)”
Dijeshwar Singh commented on FB, “Renuka ji : am going to fall off of my chair”
Sapna Shinde commented on FB, “Oh god…!!! Did this really happen… RIP journalism”



#DharnaManaHai – Kejriwal

Arvind Ramdev Anna by Shailendra

WHAT went viral: Ban on protests outside Delhi CM’s house

WHO: #Kejriwal

WHEN: August 5

WHERE: Twitter

WHY: Because people find it their duty to comment on anything related with dharna or Mr. Kejriwal

HOW it got triggered: Tagged as a ‘dharna king’ by a lots of people on social media, Kejriwal has protested at various places. Delhi government’s ban on demonstrations and public meetings in front of the residence of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal evoked a lot of humour. Twitterati called it ‘irony of the century’.


Shikha Kumar @authorshikha tweeted, “Lord of Dharnas bans a Dharna outside his house. It’s like -Don’t teach father how to make babies. #DharnaManaHai”

Rajat Kapoor @rjtkpr “#DharnaManaHai by @ArvindKejriwal is like Mumbai saying No Monsoons.. height of irony!! #mumbairains”

Ketan C Bhate @BhateKetan, “Born out of Dharna. Ate, drank, breathed Dharna. Thrived on Dharna. Now tries banning Dharna. Krantikari Kejriwal”