Kaleidoscope: Tweets and Trolls


Blackbuck couldn’t buck Salman Khan


WHAT went viral: Rajasthan High Court’s verdict on Salman Khan’s blackbuck case

Who: #Salman Khan

When: July 25

Where: Twitter

Why it went viral: Because people were expecting a historic judgement in which a celebrity was involved.

How it got triggered: People hoped that the celebrity would be punished in the eye of law. The judgment which acquitted actor Salman Khan shocked everyone. The Twitterati being its usual self couldn’t help but comment on the verdict.


Rimjhim Ray @GlobeSlother, “Chote nawab was squeaking as usual. The sultan said No buck buck. The poor buck curled up and died. #NotHisFault”

Chicken Biryanii @ChickenBiryanii, “#SalmanKhan is the only Indian who has a License to Kill Man and Animal both. Incredible Salman”

diV @ULTi_KhOPdi_, “Roses are red, bucks are black, beware footpath pe sone walo, salman is back”

Stuti Mishra @StuteeMishra:, “So it’s proved, the deer was ho happy seeing #SalmanKhan that he snatched his gun and shot himself. Amazing #SalmanVerdict”

kurmanath @Kurmanath, “No one killed the deer. No one killed those on the footpath. They just disappeared. #SalmanVerdict”

D_Lord @TheDesiLord, “Land Rover was drunk not bhai. Black bucks committed suicide Cuz of draught, bhai didn’t kill them.


 Rahul sleeps as Rajnath speaks

RahulWhat went viral: Picture of Rahul Gandhi sleeping in Lok Sabha during a serious debate on Dalit assault

Who: #Rahul Gandhi

When: July 20

Where: Twitter

Why it went viral: Twitter’s love for Rahul Gandhi seems to be never-ending as they once again trolled him for taking a nap during the speech of Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh in the Lok Sabha. What more, Rahul got a hastag too: #SleepinBeauty.
How it got triggered: The Gandhi scion dozed off throughout Union Home Minster speech on the Una issue. While his colleagues and were protesting against Singh’s remarks, Rahul kept sleeping which gave people a chance to again make a joke of him.


Panun Kashmir @WandererSS6, “Maybe ur peasize brain doesn’t know something called centralised university”

Shivya Pandey @PandeyShivya, “He was NOT sleeping. Modi gave him nind ki dava in his Bournvita. Sab Modi ji ki chaal hai #SleepingBeautyRahul”

Sourish Mukherjee @sourishVHP, “That will happen if parents drag thier child’s in the field where they are not interested in. #SleepingBeautyRahul”

Suvie Ritu Chandra @SuvalagnaC “If I remember it right, Raga once said, “This morning I woke up at night”. (may be for Rahul, mornings are nights too!) #SleepingBeautyRahul”


A hand which didn’t slap


What went viral: A picture of Irrfan Khan, with Kejriwal

Who: #Arvind Kejriwal

When: July 19

Where: Twitter

Why it went viral: Because the camera angle gave another chance to people to make fun of Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal. The camera captured a moment during a meeting between Kejriwal and actor Irrfan Khan in which the actor seems to slap the CM.

How it got triggered: Because people love to troll Mr. Kejriwal.


Innov8 @pliersnwires ,“Irrfan taking real life method acting lessons from Kejriwal for his upcoming role of Hyena in life of PIE part 2”

Censored News India @censorednews, “Irrfan: Sir mere Haath ki Rekhaein Padh ke bataiye kuch

Kejriwal: Sab Mili hui hain ji”

Maithun (@Being_Humor):, “Kejriwal: madaari ki free ticket de na

Irfan: talk to my hand”

Mojo @Singhlicious, “Irfan: movies dekhne ka time mil jata hai?
Kejriwal: khaali hi baitha rehta hun.


People react when Melania copies

Melania-Plagiarized-Michelle-Obama-Meme-9What went viral: Melania Trump’s speech

Who: #Melania Trump

When: July 18

Where: Twitter

Why it went viral: Because after trolling Donald Trump, people finally got a chance to troll his wife as well

How it got triggered: The news got viral when the parts of Melenia Trump’s speech seemed to be familiar to listeners around the world to that of Michelle Obama’s address at the Democratic National Convention in 2008. The fans got crazy and made hilarious comments on Twitter.


Yaffa Lyulka @IBelizeit, “#MichelleObama: And if you missed it, #MelaniaTrump will repeat it.”

kerameL @_keramel “#MelaniaTrump, is like those Twitter parody accounts that steal your tweets and don’t even feel guilty about it, smh”

Kick @MatthewKick, “I would like to thank Copy and Paste for providing me with this speech”

Michael L. Maynard @MaynardM, #MichelleObama used time travel to steal the speech from #MelaniaTrump because #HilaryClinton deleted emails etc.”



Bhagat’s tweet
People’s troll


What went viral: CB’s tweet

Who: #Chetan Bhagat

When: July 21

Where: Twitter

Why it went viral: Chetan Bhagat has been a center of attraction of for tickling people’s funny bones.

How it got triggered: Chetan Bhagat recently tweeted about his ‘soon-to-be-launched’ book. He expressed how difficult was to write a book from women’s perspective. And why would twitter users leave this chance to troll him.

CB tweeted “What’s it like to write as a girl for a guy? Tougher than any entrance exam, job, or story I’ve ever written.More fun than anything else too.” People didn’t even spare him for second tweet which said “What is it like to decide the cover of a book? It’s like choosing one dress to wear for the rest of your life. Tough.Book7”


Vikas (@VIKAS_24), “Sir return to banking sector… dont write craps all d time .. jhalak dikhla ja bhi engineer judge karte h kya”

Somak Bhattacharyya (@So_MackB), “We barely survived the books you wrote as a boy. Is it going to be mass-extinction this time?”

Ketchup (@theshrewdindian), “Another book? Let’s prepare for a new over romanticized ‘LO ISKI FILM BANA DO’ book.”