JNUTA demands release and dropping of all charges against arrested student

Pix : JNU students rally in support of Kanhaiya Kumar
JNU students rally in support of Kanhaiya Kumar

JNUTA has asked for the expansion of the 3-member internal committee set up for the probe, since the current committee is not representative. It should be expanded to include professors from humanities and social science departments and should also have women. JNUTA demands unconditional release and dropping of all charges against the arrested student. 8 students have been debarred within 20 hours with no proper enquiry instituted. Prima-facie there is no evidence against these students and JNUTA demands their release”, as stated by a professor on condition of anonymity.

JNUTA in their stand on the issue is clearly against police intervention in the campus as autonomy of the university has to be preserved. They have demanded the VC to withdraw the permission for the police to enter. There was no physical violence on the night of the controversial sloganeering. However, when Rahul Gandhi arrived, there was a physical scuffle and Congress leader Anand Sharma was also assaulted.

The ABVP protest rally, went to the teacher’s complex, where the marches usually do not enter, and raised slogans physically threatening the faculty.

The students have boycotted the hearing of the internal committee. “The committee is biased. It contains only faculty from the science school, who were cherrypicked for the interests of the administration,” says Sayyid Sameer, a School of International Studies student