J&K minister fixes woman doctor’s collar, photograph goes viral



At a time when passing comments and making gestures against women is deemed improper by the law, a photograph of a Jammu and Kashmir minister touching the coat collar of a woman doctor, went viral on social media .

BJP minister for Health Chaudhary Lal Singh, visited a government hospital in Lakhanpur area to inspect the doctors’ preparedness prior to Amarnath yatra.

In the hospital, Singh found the collar of a doctor not in place and apparently reached out to correct it.

“The minister went to the doctor and said, ‘Bitiya your collar is not in its correct place’, and went ahead and did just that. There was however, no protest from the doctor. Maybe he must have seen his bitiya in the doctor,” a senior officer who witnessed it, said.

In fact, another doctor watching Singh correcting the collar of her colleague saw that her coat’s collar was in proper place before going to the minister.

“However, I don’t think that he touched the woman doctor deliberately,” he said. The minister was accompanied by the secretary, health and medical education department, Dr Mandeep Bhandari and SP Kathua, Nasir Khan.

In February, Singh was accused by a woman doctor of mental harassment after he rebuked her for not wearing an apron.


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