Javed Akhtar slams AIMPLB over new code of conduct of triple talaq


triple talaqWhile All India Muslim Personal Law Board on April 16 has issued a code of conduct for triple talaq, former Rajya Sabha member and renowned lyricist Javed Akhtar has taken Twitter to condemn this new code.

According to Maulana Wali Rehmani, general secretary of AIMPLB, those violating the new code for triple talaq will have to face social boycott.

Speaking at the two-day executive meeting of the AIMPLB governing body which took place at Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama, popularly known as Nadwa College, in Lucknow, Rehmani said, “If some people misuse it (triple talaq), the need is not to change the law but to correct such people.”

The code of conduct will clarify the Shariat reasons for triple talaq. For many years now, the Board has been taking strong efforts to discourage and check the misuse of triple talaq, he added.

The board announced ‘social boycott’ of those misusing the provisions of marriage annulment under Islamic law. and issued an eight-point code of conduct which is to be followed while pronouncing talaq.

This may have gone well with certain part of this community but not certainly with Javed Akhtar, who calls for a complete ban of triple talaq.

While calling the Board’s call for a social boycott for the abusers of triple talaq a hoax, the lyricist also accuses the AIMPLB of halting the ban on triple talaq.

“AIMPLB call for boycotting abusers of triple talaq is a hoax. Triple talaq, itself, is an abuse and should be banned. They are trying to stall it,” he tweeted.

“What is the meaning of ‘misuse of triple talaq’. Tomorrow we may hear of misuse of molestation. Misuse of rape, misuse of wife beating,” he added.

The matter of triple talaq is being heard by the Supreme Court. The constitutional bench of the Supreme Court will hear the triple talaq matter on May 11.