Jallikattu: As cops evict them from Marina Beach, protesters threaten suicide


jallikattu1A clash of sports was witnessed on January 23 between the police and Tamil protesters with the latter threatening to end their lives on the Marina Beach if the state government comes out with a ‘temporary’ ordinance and not a permanent solution for Jallikattu.

Earlier, the police told the protesters that it was wrong that ordinance will dissolve after six months. “Who says so? In fact, it will be introduced in the Tamil Nadu Assembly. The ordinance for Jallikattu is a permanent solution. This is against the SC ban on Jallikattu,” they added. On January 22, even Chief Minister Pannerselvam supported a permanent lift of the SC ban on Jallikattu.

But when the protesters said that they needed time to discuss the ordinance, the cops came on the spot in groups and began throwing out the protesters forcefully. On their part, the protesters warned that they would end their lives if forcefully removed from the site.

A Jallikattu event was to be held in Pudukottai where two men were killed. They were injured while holding on to a bucking bull during the sport and succumbed to their injuries on way to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the protesters have said that they will not allow the official functions of Republic Day celebrations to be held at Beach Road until Jallikattu issue was solved.