Jab We Kidnap


The Plot
Viren (Deshmukh) is a rickshaw driver who has been working hard to make true his big dreams of starting a taxi company. Mini (Genelia) is the crazy daughter of Bhatti (Tinnu Anand), who owns a lot of rickshaws, one of which Viren rents on a daily basis. Till one morning, Bhatti steals Viren’s business plan and sells all his rickshaws (including the one Viren rents and keeps his savings in). Meanwhile, Mini is being forced into a marriage with a spoilt rich Jat boy. A drunk Viren shows up during her engagement to harass her father and she takes advantage of the situation and orchestrates her own kidnapping. Then they fall in love. And then Viren’s kidnapping tycoon of a father crash lands the plot. And more actually funny stuff.

By Mona J

Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya
Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya

+6 To Genelia. The free-spirited, impulsive, romcom girl, who acts as a vehicle for the coming-of-age for chocolate boys across the country. All of South India will agree. Although minus three for casting her as a Canadian Green Card-holding Punjabi.

+4 To Riteish. The good boy in a comedy with restraints. An environment he is pretty much alien to, considering his filmography is full of loud ones.

-8 Because Mr And Mrs Deshmukh are obviously bad casting for two Punjabis. But it’s their wedding movie so plus three worth of best wishes.

-4 To The Makers Of This Film, for not simply modifying the script to fit Mumbai and their two lead stars. Would’ve been easier, no?

-4 For Stealing the moneymaking gag from Zombieland. Sorry Genelia and Riteish, not your fault, but Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin made sure that bar was too high to clear.

-6 Because The Realism Of The Setting is worse than a YRF film. Everything is rosy pink. And some of it is just impossible. Like the three tough straight-haired Delhi boys with biceps, who run away because Viren starts throwing stones.

+10 To Om Puri And The Twist His Character brings to the plot. The best kidnapping parody ever. Plus four to the girl playing Riteish’s kidnopted (kidnapped, then adopted) sister! Minus four to the clichéd OTT South Indian character who is Riteish’s kidnopted brother.

+0 To The Songs. They come and go at the right time for a romantic comedy of family proportions, are catchy but nothing more.

+4 To The Smart Kidnapper’s Guide To A Climax. Minus four to its predictability



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