It’s raining offers on social media. Should you grab them?

Riding high Deepak Vats poses with his Mercedes that he won in an online contest
Riding high Deepak Vats poses with his Mercedes that he won in an online contest

Every one of us must have come across a message on social media or newspaper or television, which reads something like this: “Participate in the contest and win XYZ prizes.” But how many of us actually participate in these contests. The truth is that most of the people ignore these messages calling such contests fake and means to mint money by the organisers. But those who actually participate in such contests have won their dream cars, expensive smartphones, trips to foreign exotic locations among other things.

Hundreds of such contests happen every day on social media which offers hi-tech gadgets, foreign trips and other merchandise to the users who participate in then. These online contests don’t require users to send SMSs or make phone calls to special numbers unlike the previous days.

“The best part about it is that you don’t have to shell out a single penny from your pocket. You either have to be lucky or be creative so that you can stand out amongst hundreds of participants,” says 25-year-old Deepak Vats, who has recently won his bumper prize – a brand new Mercedes GLA 200 by playing the online contest organised by the German car maker itself.

Deepak, a real estate agent based in Delhi has been playing these contests for about a year now. In the last one year, Deepak has won an iPad, two smartphones, four all-expense paid foreign trips to Las Vegas, Barcelona and Amsterdam among various other things.

“I also thought that these contest were fake. But then one of my friends had won a trip to Amsterdam and I also started participating. Initially, when I started playing I wasn’t winning and got frustrated. Just when I had thought of quitting, there flashed a message on my mobile screen and when I opened it, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The message said that I had won an iPad and they asked for my address details. Ever since then, there has been no looking back,” recalls Deepak while driving his new car.

He further says that he hasn’t paid anything for watching movies or eating out ever since he has started playing the contests. “Apart from trips and gadgets, I have received hundreds of gift hampers which consists of movie, food or shopping vouchers,” he tells Tehelka.

Deepak’s friend Ajay Pratap, who inspired him to play these contests have similar stories to share. “When I started playing I had never thought I’d win. I have won five foreign trips in the last one year. It’s like I go for trips every alternate month. At one point my boss was jealous of me because I was travelling more than him,” says the 28-year-old accounting professional from Delhi.

“I don’t play for gadgets and gift hampers. I love travelling and only participate in such contests. I hope to win a honeymoon package in the future,” he says gleaming at the prospect of his marriage later this year.


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