“It will be revolutionary if Musharraf is charged for Benazir Bhutto’s murder”

Relay race General Ashfaq Kayani takes charge as Army chief from Pervez Musharraf
Pervez Musharraf Photo: AP



“A lot is made about the power of the judiciary. Of course the judiciary hauls up everybody it can, but the question is, in this case, how far are they willing to go? Even if you have to prove Musharraf not guilty in this crime, you have to follow the judicial procedure. In fact what I’m told is, this is one of the reasons why Pervez Musharraf chose to return to Pakistan. He wants to come here, get a clean chit which he can show around to the world and say “See I’m innocent. I was proven innocent in a court of law” and the military will also enjoy that and say “See, because he was proven innocent, we are not guilty either.”

-Ayesha Siddiqa, Political Commentator



“This does actually set a good precedent in the sense that Pakistan’s young democracy is not very strong and powerful and there is a civil-military imbalance in Pakistan. Everybody knows that the military is all-powerful. So in that sense, it is actually a very revolutionary thing if Musharraf does get charged for Benazir Bhutto’s murder or if he’s tried under Article 6 for treason. That does give a message to the military high-brass that you cannot get away with violating our Constitution, human rights, putting other people’s lives at risk or with murder.”

-Mehmel Sarfaraz, Journalist


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