Islamic State preparing to attack India to provoke US


Mideast Islamic StatePreparing to attack India in a bid to provoke a fight with the United States, a document of the ISIS seeks to unite the Pakistani and Afghan Taliban into a single army.

Titled ‘A Brief History of the Islamic State Caliphate, The Caliphate According to the Prophet,’ a Harvard scholar translated the document into English after which several intelligence officials verified it. It was verified by several serving, and retired intelligence officials.

A story by the USA Today refers to a 32-page Urdu document taken from a Pakistan citizen with links inside Pakistani Taliban. “It warns of preparations underway for an attack in India and predicts that it will provoke a cataclysm with the US,” read the report.

Bruce Riedel, a retired CIA operative and now a senior fellow at the Brookings Institute, said, striking India would magnify the ISIS’ stature and threaten the region’s stability.

“Attacking in India is the Holy Grail of South Asian jihadists,” he was quoted as saying.

“Instead of wasting energy in a clash with the US, we must direct them towards an uprising in the Arab world so as to establish the caliphate,” said the document.

US intelligence officials, after reviewing the document, said, they believe it was authentic based on its markings, the language used to describe leaders, the writing style and religious wording.

The document shows a different face of the Islamic State. It gives details of ISIS’ blood curdling battle plans and says it should be recognised as the sole ruler of the world’s one billion Muslims.

Meanwhile, stating that the report of a possible threat from ISIS shouldn’t be taken lightly, Maroof Raza, strategic affairs expert and consulting editor of Times Now, said India has no need to panic as yet.

Raza feels countries such as Pakistan must come out against ISIS and Al-Qaeda. “While the document is important and should be taken care of, there is no need to panic. I don’t see it happening for several years,” he added.

The US’ involvement against ISIS is minimal. “The US is not going to turnaround and start pouring troops back again into Afghanistan,” he told Times Now.

“The ISIS is planning to spread towards parts of Europe and North Africa from India. But, the actual matter is ISIS doesn’t as the capacity to reach out globally.” What makes the ISIS thrive. Though the Western nations have military power, they are reluctant to put forces on ground. Reports state some countries in the region allow ISIS it to sell oil in the black market to raise money.


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