Ishrat Jahan encounter: Accused cop says Modi knew of conspiracy

Green signal The fake encounter was allegedly approved by both Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, Photo: Mayur Bhatt

The CBI is set to submit before a court next week a testimony that claims Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was in the know of a conspiracy by policemen to kill four people, including a woman, in 2004 and falsely pass them off as terrorists. The testimony is from a police officer who claims to have overheard a conversation between two other officers, one from the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and the other from the police, who were both said to be close to Modi at that time.

The CBI would submit this testimony with its chargesheet in the case on 4 July. The testifying officer is an accused in the pre-dawn killing of the four people, including Ishrat Jahan, 19. The killings were carried out on 15 June 2004 by men of the Crime Branch of Ahmedabad, Gujarat’s largest city that adjoins state capital Gandhinagar. Police said the alleged terrorists were headed to assassinate Modi.

To be sure, the alleged conversation — between Rajendra Kumar of the IB, a Central agency, and Crime Branch officer DG Vanzara — did not mention Modi by name. The testifying officer, who belongs to the IPS and whose identity TEHELKA has decided to withhold to protect him from intimidation, claims Vanzara told Kumar in his presence that the conspiracy to kill the four people had been approved by both the “safed daadhi (grey beard)” and the “kali daadhi (black beard)”.

The CBI believes that the former is a reference to Modi and the latter to Amit Shah, Modi’s longtime confidant who was then the state’s junior home minster in charge of the state police. Modi, as chief minister, had kept the home portfolio with him then, as he still does. The CBI plans to tell the court that in view of this officer’s testimony, it wants to probe Modi’s role in the killing. The testimony was sworn before a magistrate under Section 164 of the Criminal Procedure Code and is admissible as evidence. A CBI officer confirmed that Kumar would be named as an accused in the chargesheet. (The CBI has 21 sworn testimonies in the case, 14 of which are from IPS officers.)

The CBI chargesheet will also claim that the alleged leader of the four people killed, Javed Ahmed Shaikh, had, in fact, worked as an informer for Kumar, who at that time had headed the Gujarat unit of the IB. The CBI says evidence suggests Kumar had asked Shaikh to come to Ahmedabad on the pretext of carrying out an assignment for him and then organised Shaikh’s killing along with that of the three others, including Jahan. On 18 June, the CBI had questioned Kumar, currently a Special Director with the IB, at Gandhinagar. It is learnt that the CBI might arrest him in a few days. TEHELKA had last week reported that more than one police officer has in sworn testimonies made before a magistrate claimed that Kumar had masterminded the extrajudicial murders.

Also, TEHELKA reported that GL Singhal, one of the accused police officers, has given the CBI an audiotape he says he secretly recorded in November 2011. It reportedly contains a conversation between Singhal and several top guns of the Modi government. The CBI says the group discussed ways to sabotage the investigation into the killings to save the officers involved from prosecution. The tape is also part of the chargesheet.

TEHELKA has now learnt the identity of two others in that conversation who it had not named last week. They are Pradeep Singh Jadeja, the minister for legislative affairs, and Bhupinder Chudasama, the education minister. Others in that conversation are Praful Patel, the then junior home minister who left the government after losing in last December’s Assembly election; GC Murmu, an IAS officer who is a confidant of Modi’s; and the government’s topmost lawyer who appears in this case, Advocate General Kamal Trivedi.

The meeting was reportedly held the night before a Special Investigation Team (SIT) set up on the orders of the Gujarat High Court was to submit its findings. In the tape, Trivedi is heard telling the others: “If the SIT tomorrow declares the Ishrat Jahan encounter fake, all of us will have to collectively stand up and shout that the SIT is fake.” Murmu allegedly says no harm should come to the state or its officers. The SIT report submitted the next day said the police kidnapped the four people and killed them in cold blood.

Modi’s government maintains that Shaikh, Jahan, who was a college student from near Mumbai, and the other two men, both allegedly Pakistanis, were terrorists. It claims that the police challenged them outside Ahmedabad and killed them in an exchange of gunfire. The IB had provided the intelligence input that a Pakistani terrorist outfit, Lashkar -e- Toiba, had sent the four to avenge a massacre of about 2,000 Muslims in Gujarat in 2002 by Hindu zealots linked to Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The CBI chargesheet will now accuse Kumar of fabricating that intelligence input. TEHELKA had reported last week that the CBI also has testimonies from officers alleging that Kumar visited Jahan while she was in illegal police custody before she was killed, and that an AK-47 gun found on those killed had been sourced from Kumar’s IB office and planted there.

The CBI chargesheet will also suggest that the other two men killed that night — Zeeshan Jauhar and Amjad Ali Rana — were not Pakistanis but possibly secessionist militants from Jammu & Kashmir with some connection with terror groups. It says Kumar had earlier introduced the duo to Shaikh, the informer, and “encouraged” him to stay in touch with them. Before the killings, it was Kumar who had asked Shaikh to get the duo to travel to Ahmedabad, which Shaikh had then organised, say CBI sources. The CBI will be seeking an extension from the trial court for further probe on precisely how the four were introduced to Kumar.

In fact, says the CBI, Kumar made the three men phone their alleged counterparts in Pakistan and recorded those conversations. It was these recordings that the English language television news channel, Headlines Today, broadcast earlier this month to suggest they were terrorists heading to kill Modi, say sources. These cell phones used to make the calls to Pakistan were planted next to their bodies.

The CBI says Kumar scripted Shaikh’s travels in the days preceding his arrival in Ahmedabad that led to his killing. It was Kumar who arranged for Shaikh to travel to Uttar Pradesh capital Lucknow, to buy a locally-made pistol. It was at Kumar’s behest that Shaikh travelled to Aurangabad city in Maharashtra. In every hotel he stayed in, Shaikh used aliases as Kumar had told him to do so, say CBI sources.


Both Vanzara and Shah, the former junior home minister, are also accused in another alleged extrajudicial killing in 2005 of a married couple, Sohrabuddin Sheikh and Kausar Bi, who, too, were branded as terrorists killed in a shootout. Vanzara has been arrested in both the 2004 and the 2005 killings. Shah was arrested in 2010 in the Sohrabuddin-Kausar Bi killings and bailed three months later. Two months ago, the BJP put Shah in charge of the party in UP, India’s politically most influential state where the BJP hopes to win big to return to power in New Delhi in next year’s General Election.

But Shah faces bad news next week. The CBI is planning to summon him for questioning in yet another case, that of the extrajudicial killing of Sadiq Jamal, a 22-year-old Muslim youth the police killed in Ahmedabad in 2003.

The CBI says Shah had connected with Kumar, who figures prominently in Jamal’s killing, on the day of the alleged encounter. Currently investigating four cases in which the police are accused of killing people in cold blood in Gujarat and labelling them terrorists, the CBI says Kumar’s culpability is starkest in the shooting of Jamal. Last week, TEHELKA reported that former and current IB officers from Maharashtra had given sworn testimonies against him.

The CBI has interrogated two senior IB officers in the neighbouring state, Datta Palsagikar and Gururaj Savagatti, who it believes falsified the intelligence inputs about Jamal being a terrorist and became part of the conspiracy to kill him. The CBI has also interrogated a suspended Mumbai Police officer, Pradeep Sharma, who had once gained notoriety as an “encounter specialist” for shooting dead over a hundred alleged criminals. Jamal had been in Sharma’s custody before he was handed to Gujarat Police. Sharma is serving a sentence in Mumbai for similarly faking an encounter killing there.

A police officer that the CBI has already arrested in Gujarat in Jamal’s killing is Tarun Barot, a DSP who allegedly took Jamal’s custody from Mumbai. Barot is also an accused in the 2004 encounter killing. The CBI, which has filed a first chargesheet in the Jamal killing, says it is investigating the role of the IB in fabricating the intelligence input about Jamal that the police cited in killing him.

The CBI’s interrogation of Kumar has been long in the waiting. For a year the IB stonewalled the CBI’s attempts to question Kumar. But when lately Kumar’s complicity became increasingly evident in both the killings of Jamal and of Jahan, IB chief Asif Ibrahim, CBI director Ranjit Sinha and Union Home Secretary RK Singh met over days to discuss ways to proceed. It is learnt that Kumar arrived in Gandhinagar this month to meet the CBI after his bosses told him they had been promised that he would not be arrested. Satish Verma, a CBI officer on the case who the Gujarat government has accused of being biased against it, refused to join the interrogation in protest.

Though the CBI is armed with a slew of testimonies, they are relying more than the others on Singhal, who promises to be a key witness. Once a star policeman but now disgraced, Singhal is said to have decided to speak the truth after his only child, his 17-year-old son, committed suicide this year. “This is divine justice, sir,” he told CBI officers during a conversation, breaking down. “I have been punished as I killed the innocent.”

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    • You are a coward mr sam. you are also a best friend of chor & taskar party means c for chor & c for congress & t for taskar & t for tehelka. for this the court is decided to hang Sam & company.

  1. one more police officer prepared by congress as earlier it was Sanjiv Bhatt who proved wrong in his theory… when his wife contested against Modi with congress support he was exposed that Bhatt was creation of congress…

  2. Its really terrifying to see, not only Modi or Amit Shah but the whole Gujrat BJP is involved in such brutality. The worst part is, Gujrat judiciary, top cops n many media personalities are in their pocket

    • What i really dont like in these comments section people who are pro congress or pro BJP …how can someone think this is unbiased view of an individual,if his profile or DP displays hate or support for a particular party.

    • i have read ur views & i want to know if BJP or Modi has done something wrong in 2002 in gujarat how come they have been winning all state elections since 2002 with a massive Majority that too without any alliance?

      2. why despite Congress showing tht they care for Muslims more than other parties(i personally feel they haven’t done anything) hasnt been able to win the sympathy of muslims of Gujarat?

      Please Answer.

      • Hitlar also won many election doesn’t make him a man worth worshiping. So winning an election is not an excuse. Congress has also won 2 consecutive General election.

        Let the case be examined properly and investigation take place. Than only we can know who is victim and who is culprit.

        • Hitler did not win “many elections”. He won just one. And the only connection to Nazism/Fascism to Indian politics is Antonia Maino (Sonia) whose father was/is a fascist and I can only imagine like father, like daughter.

          • We are not supporting Congress here… Congress is worst party ever in India but BJP is also standing behind….so many BJP politicians are also involved in various scams.

          • when you have to choose between devil and dead sea, what you’ll do?? Devil will claim your soul and sell it same as Congress is doing to this country but dead sea at least don’t do that to you, so if the options are limited then I’ll choose BJP!!

      • Modis modus operandi can bee seen in a youtube documentary called Final solution…and more can be seen in hidden testimony of Babu bajrangi on youtube.Sickening is the word.

      • Truth does not need a majority. It wins on the basis of being itself – The Truth will prevail itself in the long run. The British Parliament passed a law not long time ago by a majority saying that any woman suspected of being a witch should be thrown into water with a heavy stone tied to her neck. If she does not drown – she is a witch and should be burnt to death. It took many centuries to realise the Truth. Unfortunately it will be too late for justice for many indians.

  3. Rana Ayyub & tehelka Charge MODI that he knew UTTARAKHNAD flood in Advance 🙂 – Sanjiv Bhatt part 2

      • The world does not go around by what you want or what you like…If you do not like to read…it is your choice….I am here to read such kind of factual comments rather than some Modi bashing paid news..

          • Oh damn well it is. A pathetic group of anti-modi circle-jerkers on the payroll of the congress. I heard that Rana Ayyub was a call it true ?

          • If someone raises his/her voice against something wrong you guys start saying such disgraceful things. She is not supporting congress, she is supporting the truth. If congress gets benefited with this, its not her mistake.

          • Off course it’s true , but sadly you refuse to hear the calling… Your mom is not to be blamed or your papa … The worm in your head resides in many more who believe they can bump offff to have a good S hag. U r a disgrace bringing mothers , sisters , women into this mix. I’ll teach you how to !

          • Behave like a learned fellow. Your writing is very good but personal attack not good in healthy forum. If you have some better news for Modi post it. We know Modi is very good in high lighting his unrealistic stats. I have heard him in Sri Ram collge speech where he mention every thing in and around you are from Gujrat, however many of those production is lagging behind many other States of India. We should be proud of Indian bro, and should value Ram ji`s value of sacrifice for younger bros and society.
            Just Imagine if some of those your relative and killed like this what your thought would be. Today those people but some day those gun would be turn on us. Be man and be sensible Indian. Do not be emotional!!!

    • Shiv Sena and Modi charge Hafiz Saeed that he started the Uttarakhand floods, 15000 Muslims sneaked in 2 days – the helicopter crash that killed 20 were all Let operatives , the pilot a Christian from Mumbai like ISHRAT out to assassinate MODI ..

      • The congress agents in the media industry are working overtime to prove that the LET terrorist was actually a martyr who was gunned down by Gujarat Police on a tip off from the IB. And interestingly the CBI is saying that the IB is also in collaboration with Gujarat Police in gunning down this terrorist kingpin. How much of lie and falsehood you paid media chaps are going to dish out to hoodwink the masses of India? The people of India are watching and they know who is right and who is the real culprit. No amount of Italian tricks will work here. The media crooks stand exposed before the nation.

        • /Behave like a learned fellow. Your writing is very good but personal attack not good in healthy forum. If you have some better news for Modi post it. We know Modi is very good in high lighting his unrealistic stats. I have heard him in Sri Ram collge speech where he mention every thing in and around you are from Gujrat, however many of those production is lagging behind many other States of India. We should be proud of Indian bro, and should value Ram ji`s value of sacrifice for younger bros and society.
          Why no more killing/encounter happens since those barve policemen behind bar. think dear, you will get your answer yourself.
          Just imagine if some of those your relative killed/murderd like this what your thought would be, then. Today those people but some day those gun would turn on us. Be man and be sensible Indian. Do not be emotional!!!

  4. first of all…..what is the reason for killing those four people, even after knowing that they are not terrorists. The reason cannot be …..”they are muslims”. CBI investigation has found that they are falsely acused and murdered, but why?

    • Why, you ask.

      Maybe the politicians did it to cement their place as the sole ‘saviors’ of Hindus against the ‘terrorists’ in India?
      Maybe to consolidate the Hindu vote bank?
      Maybe to spread enmity between Hindus and Muslims?

      Maybe the policemen/intelligence officials did it to gain promotions and laurels?
      Maybe to terrorize/demonize the entire Muslim community?

      Pick your choice.

      • When same police gunned down Tulsi Prajapati, no Hindu organisation made it a “communal” issue.

        • You are forgetting, he was collateral damage in the Sohrabuddin case. He knew what happened and was considered a liability by the criminal police officers. And for the record. no Muslim organization made it or makes it a ‘communal’ issue. Speculating on the motives of those involved does not make it a ‘ communal issue’

      • These people think Modi is a God who does not do anything wrong and if he does he is still above law and order. They talk about Nationalism and patriotism but their sole nation is Modi. All we can do is to pray for them all.

        • There are many people who have done so much crime in their life, Modi should be punished if he did any crime but the question why he is only targeted and why age old crimes are being digged out just before Loksabha election when Congress is in too vulnerable position?? Is Modi the only politician in this country to look for crimes, I bet there are thousands who have case pending against them, so may I please request those Extreme Seculars to look for those criminal politicians once in a lifetime??

          Kanimojhi who was in Tihar jail is back on track by Congress, have something to say on it Seculars??

    • Nobody will touch, but white-bearded ‘PIED PIPER’ will lead from the front the procession of rats first and then the darling sons and daughters of Hamelin kingdom of Gujarat, toward the Gulf of Gujarat.!!!

  5. Such a crap report. Even a 5 yr old will tell you that this is no evidence at all and amounts to hearsay. But who will educate these tehelka people. No credibility left.

      • what abt the statement made by headly abt isharat as LET operative …….. NIA knew abt it ….During the FBI questioning, Headley states she was a suicide bomber and was recruited by Muzzamil a Lashkar commander…….interrogation report of David C. Headley prepared by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in 2010, claims that Ishrat Jahan was a Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) operative.

        • A self confessed terrorist Headley can be believed because it agrees with our mindset? Is it possible that Headley could be lying? A magistrate has ruled that the encounter was fake but wait – an Indian Magistrate must be lying but Headley can never lie. We now have written testimony from an IPS officer to support this view but then Headleys of this world must be believed. Finally, did Ishrat commit any terrorist acts? No but we must believe Headley over an Indian!!! Ishrat is a terrorist because we want her to be one. Otherwise ….. our Heroes will fall from their shining pedestal and we do not want that – Do we?

  6. Not new….Tehelka earlier falsely try to fabricate NDA & BJP with favors from congress. So called testimony is also a political game by misusing CBI & Power.

    This paid agents are reporting terrorists as martyrs

    • how did u know that they are terrorists? did u have any blood relation with them? Let the case be fully investigated, then only we will be able to know the truth?

    • are Nilesh babu please talk about some corruption case against aap party member mayank Gandhi , prashant bhushan & other one from Mumbai. You had appointed a investigation team from your party to investigate. can you tell me what is the result.

  7. The last paragraph which describes Singhal’s turnaround after his son committed suicide – that is a stark reminder to all who think they will get away with their black deeds. Sooner or later, they will have to answer for their heinous crimes – if not in this world surely in the Hereafter.

    • Bunkum. Last paragraph reminds me of Swami Aseemanand’s so-called confession. CBI must be having wannabe bollywood script writers with them.

      • Have you read the article. Here are some excerpts:

        The SIT report submitted the next day said the police kidnapped the four people and killed them in cold blood.

        TEHELKA had reported last week that the CBI also has testimonies from officers alleging that Kumar visited Jahan while she was in illegal
        police custody before she was killed, and that an AK-47 gun found on
        those killed had been sourced from Kumar’s IB office and planted there.

        So, yes I believe she was an innocent girl and not a terrorist at all.

        • rightly said. I cant figure out why these guyz are so “Modi fanatic”. Why don’t you accept he has done wrong things too..! We all know he has done many good things but Modi has also got a bad side you should accept the truth.

          Why dont you go and read the magazines and do research and then come up with your views about modi rather then being mad about him and always taking his side with knowing the actual reason !

  8. IF IB officers will be arrested for killing terrorists, why the hell they will save this rotten and corrupt country from terrorists ? They should all resign and stop working for the country.

    • Are you serious? Have you read the whole article? Fake IB inputs, AK-47 planted etc, etc. These people were made to look like terrorists. IB officers killed innocent Indians.

      • Terrorists are getting support from Sonia Gandhi and her party. They are traitors to the country and should be eliminated.

        • I must say your mentality is like 70% of the Indians who have no actual knowledge. Why don’t you do research on this issue and then judge Modi.
          P.S. I don’t support Congress or BJP…. I support AAP !

          • yeah but those vote of 70% does matter, according to you 70% of Indians think like him then you know what will be the result!!

            I like Mr Kejriwal but the thing is he is still now not in a position to uproot Congress and trends are saying that soon he’ll take the path of minority appeasement!! Though I like his view on economic reservation, though I don’t know completely, if he really support economic reservation and do not support only caste based reservation then he surely deserves a round of applause!! Anyways can you enlighten me on this fact??

          • even if 99% dumb people vote for any other party, I’ll vote for AAP. We should count our vote rather then going with the majority. Infact i believe we should do something to support AAP… their each and every thought is so meaningful i don’t know why people still don’t understand.

            AAP (Manish Sisodia) once said that the reservations in
            promotion often creates an anomalous situation. Those who are recruited
            against reserved SC/ST category tend to get faster promotion than the rest and
            become senior to their batch-mates from the General category for no
            special reason.

        • Now it is proved that terrorists are getting Nrendra mody and Raj nath also. Both are the same side of the coin. Why dont you throw oput both.

      • They were terrorists, not innocent. According to you Osama Bin Laden was an innocent Saudi and Obama didn’t have any authority to kill him.

        • Its pity that even when a cold blooded murder was conducted, still people support the perpertuators. This is the reason why terrorism comes up. Shame.

          • Yeah this sad, at least 5 blasts are happening but our police can’t take Zero Tolerance position because after 10 years someone might dig the case out and accuse them of false encounters and it makes the terrorists happy, they now know that even though they are not human but when all other countries shoot them at sight in India they have human rights, they can live here as sleeper cells and then do the blast and can get out, oohh I forgot to say that they has the right to kill those politicians who will go against them and they’ll get support from all other ,”secular” politicians!!

          • Now I doubt many balsts are triggred by IB and Corrupt elemnets in police for politcal gain and promotions for corrupt officers.

      • Investigation is still on so don’t jump into conclusion and the charges are so serious so the Cop should be tested by Narco Analysis and lie detectors to see if he is saying the truth or not??

    • It shows the extend of collllusion in the govermnet system. Communal and murderous elements ahve become part of the IB, Armed forces and Police.

      You have many rajinder kumars in IB and Colnel Purohit in army

    • When and where did you get infected HIV (hindutva infected venom), dear breast-feeding baba Hemant.? Neither IB nor the uncrowned self-claimed Emperor Modi have the authority to kill even alleged terrorists, Baba Hemant. Gujarat is not India, nor India Gujarat. Murders and conspirators will face legal punishments, even gallows. Okay Baba Hemant.!!!

  9. The charge- sheet being filed by CBI on 2nd/4th July 2013, will reflect the gravity of the CD produced by Mossad agents for Modi on Ranjit Sinha’s 3 Ws weakness (wealth, women,wine). If Mossad agents failed gallows succeed.!!!

  10. This is like reading Natraj comics all over again. What is the evidence that Ayyub is presenting? That there is an individual who claims he heard a conversation between two other police officers saying that minister was involved. Thats it? Is that all you got? I also saw a conversation between two people on twitter that claims Tehelka was involved in the killing of four LeT terrorists including Ishrat. Yes, that should mean Tehelka should be investigated by CBI. Right?

  11. Great article and respect for your efforts knowing that all these Modi’s pet will be after you. The most important thing is to speak the truth fearlessly. Great work Rana.

  12. Tehlka has no credibility as is again proved by this article by Ms Rana Ayub..I happened to watch NDTV Hindi and Ms Rana Ayub appeared to be so rabid and disrespectful.Have faith in the wisdom of people of this country .They are not fools and more knowledgeable than you,Ms Ayub. It is unfortunate that top police officers are being being framed and anti national and terrorists are being made innocent victims.

    • Dear Hitesh,Please don’t get upset.99% of Indians are not fools and know the politics behind such selective news/articles.Dear Hitesh hundreds of fake encounters have taken place in this country in all the states .99 % of Indians want to know the status of investigations about these police encounters.

  13. why modi be tried for the wrong intelligence input from an officer on duty ?,

    few facts


    a) Ishrat was not a threat to modi ? or was she ?

    b) how can modi decide on eliminating someone randomly ?

    c) was this encounter possible without any intelligence input ?

    d) was this encounter possible without involvement of senior officer ?

    Before we make any judgement on who is at fault ?. CBI should catch Mr. Rajendra Kumar and investigate his links with modi and company.

  14. This is very damning report. Modi and his Gujarat govt. is full of lies. 2002, he played the politics of religion, then he tried to further enhance it when India was going through series of bomb blasts and world was reeling under shadows of 9/11 by killing innocent young Indians and claiming to India that Gujarat police is like NYPD under his leadership. They can catch terrorists beforehand unlike police of other states, who cannot catch masterminds months after blasts.
    Post 2007, he shed that image ( due to PM ambitions) and started spreading the Gujarat model. I have seen Gujarat GDP numbers since 95. It continues to growing at 10% YoY, due to its geography (rivers, ports, industries) and entrepreneurial mindset. The growth continues post Modi too but is not inclusive as pointed in Planning commission reports. But tall claims are proped in media about Gujarat. Also his paid news in media is highly evident by the fact that a mere good mention of Gujarat in planning commission reports makes a headline but an indictment is buried deep(sic). He is also poster boy of industry because he doles out free land, single table clearances to projects. The give and take does not comes out because there is no lokapal in the state. Any adverse mention of him hurts the pride of Gujarat. Can’t imagine that the Gujarati who conquer the world act like zombies and can’t see all these lies. Only reason that comes to my mind is that communal hatred that was sowed in 2002 has not ended and Gujarat, a majority hindu state is totally polarized. I haven’t visited the state personally to get a feel for it but I sense this via media reports and talking to friends. I think two things can happen from here
    1: Noose around Modi will get tighten. Risk is that congress may develop cold feet and not let CBI do that as they fear vote polarization.Modi has already sensed this and is bringing CBI autonomy and prejudice against him in every forum possible.
    2. Modi goes on to win for BJP and becomes PM. Cases against him will be dismissed. Country will move towards autocratic rule. But will see a civil movement like Egypt in 5-10 years. This will be end of Modi and BJP as party which continues to behave like ostrich and do not see the writings behind the “delhi ki gaddi”.
    3. It will be terrible if 1,2 does not happen. Will mean a coalition govt, fractured mandate and people of India will continue to be kicked out from one post to another by Congress and BJP, busy blaiming one another. Means no hope and no sight for hope for Indians. In this case I recommend buy shares of media companies as they will have rocking TRP’s.

  15. I’ve wondered how Hafiz Saeed manages to have a fan following after Mumbai attacks… No need to wonder , fan boys still behind Modi after 9 long years of silent killings.. If Hafiz was to contest he too will win elections … But does this make him a a HUMAN ,

  16. Modi claims all the DEAD IN THE UTTARAKHAND floods are ISI operatives – the survivors need to prove they are Hindus.

  17. everybody is thinking these is an issue between Congress and BJP, But this is not, It was the judiciary which ordered CBI to investigate, It was the investigation of Ahmedabad Metropolitan Magistrate SP Tamang first found that the encounter is fake. Congress after all a political party so it does not want to fall in the image trap created by BJP, that it appeases the minority. after all it wants the votes of majority to win election and survival as a political party.

    So it the JUdiciary, brave investigating officers like Satish Verma and courageous journalists like Rana who are the saviors of Indian democracy. Otherwise the rich and powerful people like “”d!, can kidnap any body from any where and kill them and then brand them terrorists

  18. The testimony, if there is any, of the police officer is laughable from what the reporter says. The officer overheard the conversation of the two officer and there is no directmention of any names in that conversation.. But both CBI and the reporter are pretty sure that it involves modi… Its would be interesting to see what the courts will have to say on July 4th.

    • I am not behind anybody , But a journalist Ayub Rana should be neutral and not biased to any side but in yesterday news debate it clearly visible that she had some personal issue with the BJP and behaving like a congress agent .
      In the Gujarat only this encounter had happen ? what about the other encounters where some Hindus are also killed why not she so much keen to disclose those story,s . or she will interested in those encounter where Muslims are killed so she can serve her masters in Congress.

  19. If Rana Ayyub have really gut. then she has to write also for sonia or amul baby and robert varda……She can not go their bcoz next day she will find dead

  20. After reading this article and yesterday seen her on new channel debate , I feel that she is bit biased against the Modi . She say IB head should disclose the source of the input same way are she able to disclose her source of input fro where she get all these information about this inquiry. As she so much involved in 2004 case , if she is not baised then go for the Sonia Gnadhi Daamad case and disclose the truth about him , If she feel that she is disclosing truth in Modi case and not doing any baised act .

  21. Scam Masters Congresswale just want to divert the media attention away from Rs. 240 Crore scam fame KANIMOZHI from re-entering the game…

    The Madame and Her Puppetwala Sardarji just dialed CBI office and commanded them to do something immediately….

    Now what?.. Kanimozhi is IN without much hassles… What an !dea sardarji??? 😀

  22. My dear Tehelka reporters, I salute you for publishing such a great secular news article based on an unnamed officer’s allegations.

    But I wonder why you are not publishing news about Teesta Setalvad’s funds transfer. The Pioneer has an article titled “NGOS POCKET FUNDS FOR RIOT VICTIMS?” – according to it, Teesta’s family receives close to 1 lakh monthly salary from their “NGOs”, nearly 40 lakh rupees were transferred from the NGO accounts to Teesta and her husband’s personal accounts. In addition, 1.50 crore rupees were deposited in Setalvad’s Union Bank account, 92.21 lakh in her husband’s account with same bank, Rs. 61.48 lakh in Teesta’s IDBI account, Rs. 36.23 lakh in her husband’s IDBI account and Rs. 3.52 lakh in her daughter Tamara’s account. Is this news too communal for you?

  23. eia Rana ayyub kya bolega. bo ek number ka Congress ka agent hai. chale ayia bol raha ki Modi expose ho gaya on ishrat kand pe. anewale dino me khud Rana Ayyub Expose hoga Sath hi unka Tehelka v expose hoga. Rana Ayyub Pakistan ki ISI ka Ek agent jese kam kar raha hai.

  24. This is very well known to the whole country rather whole world that massacre was planned by a few people…but being biased is the part of our constitution which cannot be set aside as the system will collapse within a day if the word unbiased is added to the constitution…………

  25. seeking is good….rather than proving yourself right..
    this magazine has already written so much against mr. modi that it would be a professional suicide for tehelka to look at the emerging facts…or the twisting of facts.

  26. Would like to see a write-up on the deception Ms. Teesta Setelvat and her ilks.

    PS: i’m in no way an ill wisher of this magazine. only a casual reader with no political biases.

  27. when it comes to modi……CBI is spot on for tehelka …and when it comes talwars no there are not?……………u congress paid jurnos ….? day will come when truth about u and congress will come out just like radia and barkha?

  28. I think kumar won their trust pretending to be one of them, a jihadi. He collected evidence against them before bumping them off. They made calls and had a conversation with L.E.T operatives in Pakistan suggests their involvement in some sinister plan.

  29. rana aayub please investigate other fake encounter case of congress ruled state or 1984 fake Sikh encounter.

  30. Debabrata Roy , why you support this congress too much year . can you want an india before 1947.

  31. It is astonishing how and why so many ‘educated’ Indians blindly support a mass murderer. Let’s not be naive here- time after time the same, recurring story- the 2002 state supported (if not sponsored) genocide, Ishrat Jahan case, Sohrabuddin case, the blatant Muslim ghettos- isn’t there a discernible pattern here? A distinct bias against a community?
    And such a cold blooded, ruthless and calculating criminal is hailed as the messiah by millions of middle class urban Indians? What does it say about us as a society? One is actually compelled to wonder if the rabid masses on social media aren’t actually blinded in their adoration of Modi, but derive a vicarious thrill in his ‘no-nonsense’ mask and gruesome ways! (their distasteful and utterly ruthless comments, their crude vilification of any author or commentator who is anti ‘Namo’ etc suggests it).
    Isn’t it ironical that the ‘savior’ of a ‘New India’ to some often appears in the same vein as Hafiz Saeed, Hitler and other such ‘luminaries’? Shouldn’t one pause to think what kind of emotions this ‘new iron man’ evokes in another section of Indians, even if minority? Is this the kind of pluralistic society that we are so fed up of? Or is this how we fundamentally are? Flitting from one ‘macho’ hero to another over the decades- Indira Gandhi, Bal Thackeray, Advani, and now NaMo- each ‘savior’ directly or subliminally evoking visceral hatred towards another section of society, often the minority?
    If so, who are we to blame Hafiz Saeed? How is his crime is no more or less than that of an elected CM sworn to protect ALL his constituents. Crime by omission (if at all Modi is guilty of that, not directly influencing encounters or riots) is no less pardonable for an elected head of state than crime by commission.

    Why blame Tehelka and Rana Ayub here? Doesn’t a Muslim journo have the right to publish her investigative stories? Just as enough publications and media houses have become virtual parrots for the NaMo shining mantra? Does one judge their affiliations by their names?

    If those Indians who believe in humanity and certain basic values of life stay quiet now, we may regret for a long time.Quoting Neimoller’s very relevant words:

    First they came for the communists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.
    Then they came for the socialists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.
    Then they came for the Catholics,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Catholic.
    Then they came for me,
    and there was no one left to speak for me.

    Is this the Indian middle class’ idea of a ‘strong superpower India’?

    Kudos Tehelka! One of the last remaining voices of sanity in a rapidly growing mobocracy!

  32. Rana ayub, u r doing an awesome job, there sud be someone to speak, i dont know whether ishrat was terrorist or not but this is surely not the way one sud be criminalized & punished… no one is above law not even the politicos… keep up the good work, it might happen you did not get success but then your efforts will help democracy breathe & liven up… It will ensure that no one think himself above law of the land..

  33. one more thing I am a hindu, i love everyone & modi ji too, simply for his commitment & development, I know as we all, that he is good for this nation… but it is also true that there is nothing but truth in your words & investigations.. I wud say we need you both.


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