Is the foundation really destroyed??

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha
File Photo: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha

“When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalms 11:3, Bible)

 Similar questions are being raised today by all common men The common man is in continuous fear and agony by hearing the yesterdays verdict on former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Smt. Jayalalitha. The judgment says she is criminal one day and on the other hand, she is proved innocent on the basis of the same law. The ordinary people believed in Indian constitution and laws whereas, now the outcome of the case has proved that power and money can wipe out all the true evidences and prove a criminal, innocent.

Now, this question arise that law, which was made for Indians is it only for the common man? Are people with power, authority and money exempted from these laws? Their works are unethical but the whole system is willing to help them. No one has the power to question them. The decision of the judge who said there is no strong evidences to continue this case made people realize that justice is given to people with power. Can ordinary people trust the government whom they elected so that in turn they could shelter them?

Loopholes in the laws can change the strongest case to a weak case? How? By delaying the judgment the accused or group can please the system or court. The verdict is passed after years. No one has the right to question this old system. No political parties have interest to change this system too. Common men have second thoughts that is law limited for highly influenced people, can they do whatever they want.

Is corruption a part of politics? If anyone questions them, what is their situation either someone will please them with money or threaten them. All the political parties are in one platform. They are trying to fool common people thinking they are blind and deaf because no one raises their voice against them. Yesterday evening in Reporter Channel, Tehelka Managing Editor Mathew Samuel said “judge have to be judge.” This gives a clear notion that court is loosing their integrity in front of people. As the quote says” if foundation (the foundation of trust on law) is destroyed what can common man do? Are they safe in this constitution? Where will the help come for a common man? Why is the court delaying the case? is this all done purposefully so that they can change the verdict in favor of the accused? Who will answer these questions?


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