Is Owaisi targeting 2014 elections with his “hate speech”?

Akbaruddin Owaisi’s supporters gathered in large numbers to welcome him at the Hyderabad airport on Monday morning. Photo Courtesy:

There was nothing in Akbaruddin Owaisi’s demeanour to suggest that he was suffering from ill-health when he landed at Hyderabad airport from London, to a rapturous welcome early on Monday 7 January morning. On the contrary, his trademark swagger firmly in place, greeting supporters and well-wishers with a salaam, Owaisi was wearing a T-shirt with ‘4’ embossed on it.

But Owaisi has not managed to get past the fielder to reach the boundary in his latest political innings yet. His “hate speech” in Nirmal in Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh last month went viral on the net, raising temperatures in the state. The BJP went for Owaisi’s jugular, demanding that he be arrested as soon he landed at the airport. The Congress that lost Owaisi’s party, the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) as an ally only two months back, is seen as soft-pedalling the issue. First its police did not know Owaisi had given such an inflammatory speech, then it could not get Urdu translators in a hurry and finally, when it took suo moto notice, Owaisi ignored it saying he is unwell.

But there could be trouble for Owaisi. The Ethics committee of the Andhra Pradesh Assembly is likely to recommend action against him to the Speaker, the worst-case scenario being disqualification from the House. On Tuesday 8 January, he will be taken to a government hospital for a medical check-up to verify if the internal pain that he is talking about is true or not. In 2011, he was fired at by assailants and a bullet is still lodged in his body.

Those who know Owaisi and have followed his brand of politics, say he is notorious for making such speeches. In 2007, he got away with threatening to behead writer Taslima Nasreen if she set foot in Hyderabad. His choice of words for the late prime minister PV Narasimha Rao at a public meeting in 2011 was in extremely bad taste. And in his speech last month, Owaisi remarked that “the 25 crore Muslims will take care of the 100 crore Hindus if only the police was removed for 15 minutes” and used offensive language against Hindu gods and goddesses.

Pushed to a corner, the MIM has been trying to gain political currency from the mess. Its president, Asaduddin Owaisi, who is Akbaruddin Owaisi’s elder brother, has attacked the BJP accusing it of trying to get MIM disqualified. At a public meeting in Tandur on Saturday 6 January, Asaduddin Owaisi said, “We are not against Hindus. Our fight is against the BJP and Kiran Kumar Reddy.”

But that is unlikely to help his cause now. In the past, Akbaruddin Owaisi got away because the Congress government looked the other way. A fact Asaduddin said in so many words, saying that the cases have been filed because the MIM is no longer a friendly party. Chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy has no love lost for the Owaisi brothers. But even he may be unable to do much given Asaduddin’s connections with the movers and shakers in the Delhi leadership. The Congress knows that the divorce with the MIM is at best temporary and the partners would reunite sooner than later. So will the Congress play into the BJP’s hands by agreeing to its demands?

To dismiss this episode merely as angst over a “hate speech” would be to miss the point completely. It is a vicious game of political consolidation taking place, played by both the MIM and the BJP. Both parties are looking to consolidate their respective communities behind them. Already leaders are predicting very close contests in 70 out of the 119 Assembly seats in Telangana region, given the fact that the vote will be split between the Congress, TRS, TDP, YSR Congress and BJP and this may just be the first attempt at polarising voters on communal lines ahead of elections in 2014.

In a conversation with Kunal Majumder, Siasat News Editor Amer Ali Khan talks about the controversy over Akbaruddin Owaisi’s “hate speech”


  1. Please tell Akbaruddin Owaisi to brush his teeth before comment anything…this comment only an illitrate and mad person can is growing to be modern and people like YOU want to go back with the name sake of religion.Because of this type of dirty mentality muslims are bad all over the world.Sometime I feel sad to be born in muslim family.Dont think this is only one farhan is writing..this is a reply from youngisthan muslims.So owaisis brothers either u can go and sit infront of any mosque with beggers or tell your family to take you to a mental hospital…our new generation dont need your leadership…

    • Farhan Bhai.

      Plz dont be sad. Islam is a great faith. The current case is like ” one fish spoiling the whole pond” .. Islam and Muslims have made brilliant contributions. We are all children of one god… Lets hope both Hindus and Muslims discard their CHauvinistic leaders and go for humanism.

    • excuse me my brother to just remind you, I would like to tell you whether the generation is developing and getting modern, but ISLAM never changes according to generation or modern. He gave the speech according to the current situation which going on MUSLIMS of this country and as MUSLIM he has delivered that speech not as a leader, because first he is MUSLIM then after he is LEADER… and I would like to say you that u are very lucky that you born in such a good religion ISLAM…..

      • well Mr.Imram, you people say that its the reality. i am a localite from Hyderabad and i know how things work here.
        don’t try to put things in a wrong way.

        you say Akbaruddin was right in saying that he took out all facts. he said that if the Babri Masjid demolition did not take place then these things would not happen. since you have raised this concern my answer for you is if the ethical cleansing of Hindus in Kashmir would not take place then there wouldn’t have been these consequences at all.

        we also know what the fore fathers of these Owaisi’s have done to us.
        do proper home work before you reply

  2. Somebody please tell this fukr to learn smthing from XYZ who won the whole gujrat Election on only one agenda DEVELOPMENT PLANK….It really works

    A lot of muslim voters in gujrat also voted for the gr8 Narendra Modi this time…Proud of the only one politician in this era

  3. Akbaruddin Owaisi might be targeting Muslim votes for himself in 2014 elections but with one speech he has upset the entire Hindu community all over India. His speech will likely be used over and over to drum up Hindu votes for BJP in 2014 nationwide.

    • You are right my brother, even Indira Gandhi was made it clear one of her election time in a very angry mode that she don’t want any Muslim vote. you can see within a weeks that Mr. Akber will be free, onec he said basically Media don’t understand what I have to mean it………………. ye Hindustan hey piyare

  4. If he has any guts then he should go to delhi or gujrat and give such kind of speeches and see what happens to him. HAR SHER APNE HI JUNGLE MEIN DAHADTA HAI!with Congress openly supporting him he will definately get away with it

    • I am sure you would agree then, that scumbags like Modi and Thackeray should make their hate-filled speeches in the Muslim-dominated areas of Hyderabad?

  5. Varun Gandhi can be charged but Akbaruddin Owaisi MLA motherfxxker not. what is Indian Law panel? India will be die soon. USE PANEL CODE SAME AS WE CHARGE VARUN GANDHI. Congress looting and raping India. Hindu, Muslim, Christ, Jain, Bhudhist etc. every one think. Our dual nature of law can be kill our society. We need to stand up. U raped died but punishment nothing yet. Andha Kanoon and Political people destroying image of country. Be smart Indian not point of religion for development of India. Either China and other country not to attach on us. just put Indian Sentimental society religion or regional poisoning. We go to fight our self and dump everything.

  6. hey guys who make all these comments where you all and the state law agencies have gone when bal takera, praveen tagodia and and modi and other RSS brigde made hate speeches
    first you all demand that praveen tagaodia who made hate and a very bad speech in the same Andra pradesh to be jailed and then if you damend the same for owasi , then it is fair

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  8. “All the freedom is for others and All the laws are for the Muslims.” sad but true! And what’s really appalling is the way the media is sensationalizing the whole issue trying to persecute Akbar a newbie while all the veterans have been puking this venom since a long long time (YES PERSECUTE is the word, not PROSECUTE).
    Everybody including a few Muslims, want all the Muslims to feel apologetic for this speech whereas SOME Hindus don’t even want to accept that THUGadia’s, THUGeray’s, etc have uttered anything out of the ordinary (guess it is pretty common for them). Bloody double standards, hypocrites. HUM AAH BHI KARTEY HAI THO HOJATAY HAI BADNAAM, WOH QATAL BHI KARTAY HAI THO CHARCHA NAHI HOTA
    Togadia on 12 Dec 2012 said in Hyderabad on the issue of Bhagyalakshmi Mandir “I Will Turn Hyderabad into Ayodhya”. He stated that lakhs of Hindus will throng to Hyderabad like they did in Ayodhya. Furthermore he threatened that there are 100 crore Hindus in India who can crush the Muslims… and the rest the WISE can themselves understand. Togadia was the one who started it, Akbar responded to his bait and got jailed, and this initiator THUGadia is further puking venom with IMPUNITY.

  9. By stating that he will bring lakhs of RSS/VHP goons and turn Hyderabad into Ayodhya, he has invited upon himself the stern sections of IPC (120B, 121, 124B) of waging war against the nation.


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