IS jihadists hang two youths for breaking fast during Ramadan



Two youths were hanged by the Islamic State group for eating during daylight in the holy month of Ramadan, according to Syrian Observatory of Human Rights.

“Residents of the village of Mayadeen in Deir Ezzor province, near HQ of Hissba,” said observatory chief Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP on 22 June.

“The children have been suspended by ropes from a pole since noon, and they were still there in the late evening,” he said.

Throughout the month of Ramadan, Muslims refrain from eating, drinking and having sex from dawn until sunset.

IS, which controls the territory across Syria and Iraq where it has created a self-proclaimed “caliphate”, proponents an extreme view of the Islamic law.

The IS does not hesitate from imposing impose punishments, including beheadings, stonings, floggings and crucifixions.


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